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by White, Henri

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Categories: General, Close Up, Stage
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: World Magic Shop

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"Beautiful, Elegant & Totally Impossible"
Nicholas Lawrence - Sensor Magic

Henri White Presents The Souvenir

A chosen card is signed by the spectator.

The centre of the card is torn out.

The very same card is then visibly linked onto the stem of a borrowed wine glass.

The linked card and the glass can then be fully examined.

No Duplicates - Simple - Elegant - Truly Baffling
Date Added: Dec 4th, 2015
MLA SKU: 56614807a874c


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February 24th, 2016 3:43am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a beautiful routine with an awesome method!

In the routine, a participant selects a card. You fold the card in half and tear out a small center piece. The card is placed on the stem of a wine glass and like magic it becomes permanently linked to the glass.

The routine is true to the ad copy. You really do link a selected card to the stem of a wine glass, and the card and wine glass can be examined.

The method is excellent! It will take a few minutes to prepare the gimmicked card in advance, and there is a force of the card. However, the card is signed on the face and the face is completely normal and the spectators casually see the back of the card and it looks completely normal. There is a relatively simple sleight involved in showing the card on both sides.

The effect can’t be done completely surrounded, but you can have the audience in a near 180 degree arc in front of you and to the sides.

The difficulty level is pretty simple. Anyone who... [Read More]

Official Review

January 19th, 2016 10:18am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
I carry a wine glass at many of my walk around gigs. I feel like it adds to the elegance of the magic and gives it a real stage that is visible to a large crowd. For this reason I hoped that Souvenir would fit my performance style.

For those who aren’t aware in this effect a card is signed, a hole is ripped in the middle of the card and it is impossibly connected to the stem of the wine glass. The wine glass is completely normal, it can be borrowed and I imagine that the there are many other things that you could link the card onto. You could link it to basically anything that had a long thin piece for example a chain link fence, a handle on a bag or drawer, a necklace and so on.

The method is solid, it is something that has come into popularity in recent years, Adam Wilber has work with this principle as well as Ben Williams. This gimmick isn’t a wild new concept, but the effect and presentation are fairly original.

You will have to make your own gaffs, this is the... [Read More]

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