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BLAZE (Les French TWINS)

by Tony & Jordan

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Categories: General, Close Up, Pyrotechnics
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: French Twins

Product Description

"I keep an eye on these TWINS... And you should do the same!"
David Stone.

Les French TWINS

Create an amazing souvenir with the spectator's signed card.
The spectator chooses a card, signs it and he ignites the box.
The box is completely burnt...
But no card is burnt except the SIGNED card!

MONOGAMISH: A very powerful and romantic routine about feelings.
A modern mentalism routine with a couple in love!

BOUM: Perform BLAZE on stage with a Firecracker to create an extremely visual effect for your audience!

Date Added: Oct 7th, 2015
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Official Review

December 24th, 2015 1:41pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Blaze is an exciting new trick that grabs attention and makes unforgettable memories. Blaze uses the same gimmick for three variations of a very clever trick. The creators are Tony and Jordan, young French twins (if I were to guess, I would say they are 18 years old) who are witty performers, funny and entertaining.

The first trick, Blaze, needs one spectator and can be performed with a group of onlookers. The spectator picks a card by calling "stop" when the performer is dribbling the cards. The spectator signs the face. The signed card is placed in the middle of the deck and all cards are placed in the card box. A piece of “tissue” paper (aka flash paper) is lit and thrown at the card box and the box is now shown to have been burned on both sides. Two large holes on each side of the box! The cards are removed and you can see right through the box. Then the cards are inspected and all of them are fine, except one. There is only one burned card and it is the... [Read More]

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