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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Mystic Arts Productions

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In the beginning, the performer will BORROW any Smartphone from a spectator and will search for a tattoo design on the internet. The spectator will choose one of the designs from the list. Next, the performer will show his metal tag chain, which is empty on both sides, and puts it in the spectator's hand. The miracle happens suddenly as performer visually transfers the design from the BORROWED phone and SEALS it on the metal tag, which is being held by the spectator the entire time.
A magic metal tag like never before.

FEATURES: Perform with any borrowed Smartphone
Fully examinable before and after effect
Easy to perform
Re-set in seconds
Multiple variations

WHAT YOU GET: FOUR precious crafted gimmicks that will last you a lifetime (illustrated by Skymember)
Necklace ball chain approximately 60cm long
Silicone cover (For metal tag)
USB Credit Card (Instructional Video)
Velvet bag (5cm x 7cm)
Date Added: Oct 6th, 2015
MLA SKU: 56137175653ae


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Official Review

December 29th, 2015 11:33pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Blink is an effect in which the performer asks to see a spectator’s phone so they can show them a series of drawings (of animals and objects) on a Facebook page. An image is selected. One way is that the performer just picks an image. The other method is that the spectator picks an image when the phone’s screen is held down and they touch the screen. The spectator cannot see the screen at the time the image is “chosen.” Then the performer shows the spectator that they are wearing a ball chain necklace with a double-sided blank dog tag, under their shirt. The performer takes off the chain from behind his neck (which can be a bit tricky), removes a dog tag and places it in the spectator’s flat and open hand. The one-exposed side of the dog tag is then covered by the spectator’s other hand. With the dog tag sandwiched between the two hands, the spectator’s hands are turned over. When the screen is shown again, the shading inside the selected drawing is gone... [Read More]

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