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Mysteriosophy Vol 1

by Steve Drury

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Categories: Bizarre, Close Up, Stage, Mentalism, Philosophy, Hypnotism
Media Type: Book
Publisher: S.J.Drury

Product Description

Mysteriosophy (Volume 1) is a unique collection of routines, effects and essays by Steve Drury, for those already initiated into the realm of performance mentalism, bizarre magick, storytelling and readings.

Hardbound, with over 170 pages and 15 chapters, it features individual guest contributions by Ed Solomon, Banachek, Roni Shachnaey and Les Cross, plus an exclusively authorised essay on The Psycho-GeometricsĀ® profiling system (by the creator Dr Susan Dellinger, Ph.D.)

Foreword is by Ed Solomon.
Author Steve Drury
Date Added: Aug 10th, 2015
MLA SKU: 55c8682773666


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