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Whispering Die

by Richard Osterlind

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Categories: Mentalism, Gambling
Media Type: Computer DVD
Publisher: Richard Osterlind

Product Description

Osterlind Mysteries presents the newest addition to its HEIRLOOM line...and possibly the greatest pocket mental effect of all time.

This is the effect Richard Osterlind has been carrying with him and using for over 40 years! It is one of the most baffling and mind-blowing pocket mental effects you will ever use. Here's what happens:

A spectator puts a regulation casino die into a small wooden box and notes the number on top. The lid is closed and he verifies there is NO WAY to see the number. The performer takes the box and shakes it near his ear. He then names the number! This is repeated a second time with absolutely no clue as to the working. For the third time, the spectator puts a rubber band around the box and shakes the box himself! Still, the performer names the number!

The method utilized is a secret taught to Richard Osterlind by none other than famed magic dealer Louis Tannen in 1973 and only purchasers of the Whispering Die will ever possess it. It has fooled every magician who has ever seen it. In short, it may very well be a perfect effect!

And now for the best part ” this apparatus has been completely re-designed by Richard Osterlind and then hand-crafted to his specifications by our master woodworker to perfection! The wood is a beautifully stained walnut which is then worked to a lustrous finish. The hinges are also completely hand-made of solid brushed brass and fastened to the box with brass screws. The die is an actual, brand new casino die hand-made to within a tolerance of 0.0005 of an inch. Modern casino dice are made of extruded cellulose acetate and white dice with black spots are very rare. Yet this is exactly what the average person expects to see in a die. This classy die looks entirely ordinary and we have gone through great lengths to get the proper apparatus.

And get this - even though the box is gimmicked in a diabolical way, no one will ever find the secret. Like our wonderful Phantom Knife, you will look right at it and not discover it! It is foolproof!

This whole outfit is a beautiful work of art. As part of our new HEIRLOOM product line (like our Devil Device and Classic Epic), it looks ever so special, but there is nothing to suggest to anyone that it is gimmicked in any way.

Please note that the Whispering Die will not be mass marketed to the fraternity. The only place it will be available is from Osterlind Mysteries and the number of units produced will be very limited.

The Whispering Die comes beautifully packaged with an instructional DVD showing first the presentation and then the explanation with all of the performance subtleties covered in great detail.

We can almost guarantee that this will be an effect you will always carry with you and perform everywhere!
Date Added: Jul 20th, 2015
MLA SKU: 55ac57729266e


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November 17th, 2015 12:42am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

What a beautiful little box! It is a fine crafted wooden box made of walnut hardwood.

The instruction is very good. Even though I have my own take on the routine (see below), I really like his touches like having the participant wrap it in a rubber band and shake it next to his ear.

The box is very small and takes very little room.

It is easy to do, beginner level.

The effect can be performed totally surrounded. The peek can be done where it would be very difficult for anyone else to see what the performer sees.

The DVD just goes into a basic routine of naming the hidden number. However, this little device could be used for any number of close-up, walk-around, parlor, or even stage routines.

The effect is true to the ad copy.


With all due respect to Mr. Ostelind who is a master mentalist, I think the handling is suspicious. I think it would be better to shake the box right in front of you as you are talking about the box and looking at the... [Read More]

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