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Something Out of the Ordinary

by Nicholas Lawrence

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: SansMind

Product Description

Organic looking magic with everyday object is the strongest form of magic people can experience live. Everything appears to be raw, unprepared, and totally unexpected.

Something Out of the Ordinary is a collection of extreme visual magic from Nicholas Lawrence's everyday repertoire. Learn insane visual magic with objects you can find around you.

Extreme matchbooks transpo, colour changing rubber bands, straw through borrowed bills, cigarette through eye, and a couple easy to do visual card effects to complete the set. Whether if you are looking for materials to impress your client, or effects to perform for friends in casual setting, you'll find useful material in Something Out of the Ordinary. Check out the trailer and see it for yourself!
Date Added: Jul 14th, 2015
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Official Review

July 17th, 2015 3:33am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Something Out of the Ordinary is a SansMind DVD containing 7 magical effects by prolific creator Nicholas Lawrence. The DVD has the highest level of production as is typical with SansMind DVDs. The trailer is excellent, shows the effects taught and is set to a cool musical track. Each trick is first demonstrated by Lawrence in a studio setting with no audience and is then explained by Lawrence himself. The DVD is almost an hour and twenty minutes long.

The explanations are well done and most are very detailed in the construction of the necessary gimmicks, with the exception of X-Move, in which a part of the trick is not constructed on camera. X-Move happens to be one of my favorite effects on the DVD and it is a fun and visual moving ink trick. As with the other tricks, you can watch the trailer to see how it will play to an audience. X-Move requires about 10-20 minutes worth of construction once you have everything that you need in front of you. Also one of my favorites,... [Read More]
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