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Magician's Anonymous Playing Cards

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Categories: Close Up, Collectibles
Media Type: Deck of Cards
Publisher: Magician Anonymous

Product Description

Designed by Magician Anonymous. These simplistic yet iconic back designs are perfect for everyday workers and card collectors. Made by the U.S. Playing Card Company and with magic finish, these cards are the top of the line.
Date Added: Jun 13th, 2015
MLA SKU: 557bd4f71101a


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Official Review

June 29th, 2015 9:18pm
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
For the impatient, this is not my favorite deck and unless you have very specific needs and/or tastes it probably won't be yours either.

The box: The box has a matte black finish with silver embossed lettering. The back of the box is a replica of the back design and the front sports the designer's logo and text "magician:anonymous". Aside from back design, which we'll get to, there is not much to recommend the box itself.

Inside the box: There are 56 cards inside the box, the standard deck of 52, two identical jokers, a double backer matching the reset of the deck and a blank faced card. The ace of spades and jokers have a special design while the rest of the deck is the standard USPCC design stock. While some, especially collectors, may prefer a bit more customization in the rest of the deck, this setup is exactly what I'm looking for. The cards themselves handle exactly like you would expect of a deck from USPCC -- nicely.

The two jokers are identical and... [Read More]

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