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Loops Improved

by Mesika, Yigal

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Categories: General, Bizarre, Close Up, Stage
Media Types: Trick, Utility Props
Publisher: Yigal Mesika

Product Description

Yigal Mesika
Infinite Possibilities

"Extraordinary power at your fingertips"
- Cyril

"The ultimate secret power... I never leave home without it"
- Dynamo

Real Magic... Anytime, Anywhere.

Invented by the genius Finn Jon, perfected and popularized by Yigal Mesika, Loops® are used by world-class magicians such as David Blaine, Cyril, and Dynamo. Loops are the most versatile, practical, and powerful inventions in the history of magic. This wonder utility is strong enough to move heavy objects like silverware and sunglasses. You can float a borrowed ring or bill. You will be able to animate and levitate everyday objects making you fearless to create infinite possibilities. It takes only a few seconds to set up and you will be set for the day to perform at any moment. The best part of all... It is easy to master.

Better than ever

After many years of refining the quality of this tool, Loops now have the Ultimate Invisibility, the Perfect Consistent Size, and the Ultimate Strength.

Patented Loops Saver

The Loops saver will protect your Loops at all times from any amount of pressure or damage. You no longer have to worry about the diminished strength of the Loops due to the unique guards that keep them safe under any condition. This unique envelope was also designed to make accessing your Loops the fastest and most convenient way possible.

You will get:
A set of 5 Loops that comes with the Loops Saver.

A viewable 20 minute video with full performances and explanations. You will learn 4 remarkable effects, tips, and subtleties taught by Yigal Mesika.

Effects Include: •Mesika Haunted Deck
•Animated Fork
•Spinning Fork
•Floating Bill
Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Loops...
Date Added: May 28th, 2015
MLA SKU: 5566bcf7f2ac4


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Official Review

July 10th, 2015 10:24pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I had to read the product description to try to understand what has been “Improved.” I had Finn Jon loops many years ago and have some from Yigal Mesika that are at least 5 years old.

However, I don’t have any scientific equipment to actually test the “improvements” mentioned in the description:
  • Ultimate Invisibility
  • Perfect Consistent Size
  • Ultimate Strength

They sound like marketing hyperbole to me. I understand what properties they point to, but have no idea how to quantify how much difference they actually make from previous versions.

I do like the Patented Loops Saver (Did Yigal really spend the thousands of dollars necessary to patent this design? I see a list of patents and trademarks on the back of the Save, but am not going to waste the time looking them up). And I can tell you that there are some improvements in its design over the last batch I bought.

The bottom line is that, regardless of any improvements,... [Read More]
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August 19th, 2015 9:31am
Reviewed by Nate Jester
I wish I had positive things to say, but I don't. This is definitely NOT AN IMPROVEMENT! In fact, I find that these loops break down much easier and do not stand up to repeat use. I have used loops in almost every performance for over 3 years and these are noticeably lesser in quality to the original. I've also blind tested these with other magicians against the previous version. I've asked them to use each loop and tell me which loop was stronger and less visible. Without question, they PREFERRED THE OLD LOOPS EVERY TIME. Sadly, I feel like this was a marketing ploy to cut production costs on a inferior product. Do you agree?

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