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Out of Sleight

by Francis, Cameron

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Categories: General, Close Up, Philosophy
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Big Blind Media

Product Description

Ten incredible full routines that require NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! Zero Sleights, 100% AWESOME!

Employing both ingenious construction and the cleverest of devious methods, the material in 'Out Of Sleight' requires no sleight of hand skills, yet is utterly fooling. Using just some playing cards, a pen and a few business cards these ten routines will arm you with miracles! And with no worries about complicated sleight of hand, you can just concentrate on presenting your magic like a rockstar.

Cameron Francis, your genial host, will not only train you up in the required handling for each routine, he will also unleash performance advice and show you how to improve your magic.

So let's get OUT OF SLEIGHT!


Out Of This Packet
Sleightless Sightless
Find The Kings
Humming Words
Gemini Annihilator
Date Fate

"Brilliant card plots from a brilliant creator! Hard to believe these effects are self working!"
- Dave Forrest

"Just brilliant tricks."
- James Went
Date Added: May 13th, 2015
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Official Review

July 10th, 2015 10:23pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Out of Sleight is an excellent Big Blind Media production that teaches 10 tricks, mostly with playing cards. there are some routines with full decks, some with packets and some with business cards. As the title indicates, these are tricks and routines that don't require sleight of hand and are very easy to perform. The project is available on DVD or in a download.

The project is typical top-notch BBM quality and is taught by Cameron Francis, with some help from Liam Montier. Francis performs each effect to a spectator on one track and explains the trick with Montier on another track. Many of the tricks were inspired by other magicians, who are properly credited in the DVD. The DVD is easy to navigate.

The tricks are presented with an interesting and engaging patter and the explanations are taught clearly. It is very easy to follow. Francis is a great instructor using comedy and personality to teach.

The ad copy claims that you will have "no worries about... [Read More]

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