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At the Table Live Lecture Ekaterina - DVD

by Ekaterina

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Categories: Close Up, Stage, Mentalism, Comedy, Manipulation
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Product Description

This AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE with Ekaterina, will have a little bit of everything for everyone. Ekaterina, who appeared on the SyFy hit show, Wizard Wars, will be giving you an exciting class in cardistry, magic & showmanship. There will be something here for both the complete beginner as well as the more advanced. So break out your cards, and prepare to learn everything from basic flourishes to enhance your magic, to the more advanced and difficult moves to just plain show off.

Ekaterina will also be covering magic for both close-up and stage as she tips one of the effects for the stage that she performed on Wizard Wars. Ekaterina will also perform and explain a few card effects which have never seen print until this event. One of them fooled Penn & Teller! Mix that in with a funny rope-escape routine, and you have yourself an AT THE TABLE EXPERIENCE that cannot be missed!
Date Added: Apr 21st, 2015
MLA SKU: 5535f57a28e70


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