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Houdini Picture Show

by Todd Karr

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Categories: History, Collectibles, Fiction
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: The Miracle Factory

Product Description

The Houdini Picture Show collects three of the famed escape artist's silent films, filled with action, mystery, romance, and stunts.

Over 3-1/2 hours

Includes: Terror Island (1920): Houdini stars as inventor Harry Harper, who travels to an exotic island in search of treasure. The Man from Beyond (1922): Houdini plays Howard Hilary, a man awoken after being frozen for a century. Haldane of the Secret Service (1923): As Heath Haldane, Houdini battles a gang of counterfeiters. Previously unseen outtakes filmed in Paris from Haldane of the Secret Service Excerpt from The Grim Game (1919): Newsreel footage of the famed plane crash during a failed aerial stunt.
Date Added: Apr 1st, 2015
MLA SKU: 551b97746eb44


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