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Bicycle Redcore Playing Cards (Limited Edition)

by Mike Guistolise

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Category: Collectibles
Media Type: Deck of Cards
Publisher: Collectible Playing Cards

Product Description

Hypnotizing... The back card shows the dot and it's glare fading into a circular funnel of darkness. Again, the detail and colors really make the 'eye' of the card come to life.

The court cards blend nicely together, but are still easy to read. Again, the Red Core will follow you from card to card, so get used to it. Everything is very solid and in your face down to the expressions and pips. The dark grey really makes the core pop.

The pips come to life in the numbered cards as most of the fade from the redness illuminates the entire pip. Very easy to read with the contrast of color.

The joker zeros in on you with a piercing stare. It almost feels as if the red core is targeting the middle of your forehead. It is one of the most interesting concepts and designs for a deck of cards. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company. A limited run of not more than 4000 decks. Each deck will be numbered from 1 to 4000.
Date Added: Mar 25th, 2015
MLA SKU: 55125cf5162e0


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