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The Transparency Template (e-book)

by Royal, Jonathan

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Category: Hypnotism
Media Type: eBook
Publisher: Jonathan Royle

Product Description

Purchasing this item will give you Instant Online Viewing Access to all of the 12 Hours of Video Footage that makes up "The Transparency Template" package as advertised in Physical DVD format at a slightly higher price here upon this website.

You will also find links to 14 hours of Bonus Stage and Street Hypnosis training videos which can also be watched online or could if you desire be downloaded to your computer.

Access to 3 bumper Step by Step Home Study Manuals in all areas of Stage and Street Hypnosis is also provided at no extra cost.

IMPORTANT = Essentially you get everything that is the Physical Disk Version available elsewhere on this site, with the exception that you DO NOT get the 60 Hours of extra videos or all of the resources that are on the bonus disk in that set which many have stated are worth many times the small cost of the Physical DVD-ROM Version alone!


The Transparency Template - The Revolutionary Guide for Hypnotists -

Learn Safe, Legal, Ethical, Insured Comedy Stage Hypnotism, Street Hypnosis and Hypnotic "Hypno-Tricks" to combine with Your Magic & Mentalism Along with Rapid & Instant Speed Trance Inductions for Stage, Street & Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy Applications with Hypnotists Dr. Jonathan Royle, Robert Temple, Chris Lee, Nick Davies and Stuart Cassels

This is the DVD Training Set that THE EXPERTS have stated is the best available (by far) anywhere in the world when it comes to learning Stage & Street Hypnosis Techniques...

Join the leading hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle and his special guest - Robert Temple, Chris Lee, Stuart Cassels & Nick Davies - as you discover the true inside secrets of Stage and Street Hypnotic Success.

Whether you want to become a confident and competent Comedy Stage & Street Hypnotist, or simply wish to add some hypnosis to your existing Magic, Mentalism and Cold Reading performances, this unique DVD package is ideal for you.

Learn 33 rapid, Instant Inductions, 12 Suggestibility Tests and everything that you'll ever need to know in order to be able to perform Legally, Lawfully, Ethically, & Safely, anywhere in the world, in a manner where you are fully Licensed and Insured.

This unrivalled package contains over 12 hours of main Video and over 14 hours of Bonus Video Training!


33 Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Inductions.

16 Powerful Suggestibility Tests.

Numerous Trance Deepening Approaches.

The Correct Way to Awaken People From Trance.

Constructing the Perfect Pre-Talk.

The True Dangers of Stage & Street Hypnosis and How to Avoid Them.

Using Props and Music to Maximum Effect in Your Hypnosis Shows.

The Way Hypnotists Sometimes Use Dual Reality Principles.

How to Combine Hypnosis Skills with Your Magic & Mentalism.

How to perform a Complete 90 minute Show of apparent Hypnosis, using Hypno-Tricks, without ever needing to Hypnotise anybody - essential knowledge when nobody volunteers to be hypnotised.

Complete step by step Scripts and Routine Structures for both Family and Adult Style Performances to get you started immediately.

Witness Several Live Show Performances by both Jonathan Royle and Robert Temple and see everything that you have learnt in action and brought to life on real stages for real audiences.

Perhaps most importantly you'll discover the dozens of things that can (and at some point will) go wrong during a Hypnosis Performance and then you are taught numerous ways to overcome and conquer these issues in the Safest and Most Entertaining manners possible.

Proven Ways to Earn Additional Income helping people to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Gain Confidence and Eliminate Phobias from their Life's!

Health & Safety, Risk Assessments, Hypnosis Licensing, Laws Around the World & Insurance all Explained Comprehensively.

The use of Professional Sound and Stage Lighting Strategies to maximise the response from your show and increase demand for it.

Professional Stage Craft Secrets worth their weight in Gold to any performer, revealing how to get greater audience reactions, more applause and regular standing ovations.

In Short you will be taught quite literally everything and we do mean everything that is needed to take even the complete Novice to Advanced Professional Standard with ease, and even the established Professional will learn many new Secrets, Ploys, Techniques and Strategies that will Massively increase their success as a Hypnotist.

Reviews of "The Transparency Template"

"The Transparency Template are the Only Stage Hypnosis DVDS I would Recommend"
- Ray Ronson - UK Stage Hypnotist

"I have watched most of his training programs, and I compare his style to that of Bandler - a shameless self-promoter who is very good at what he does. Royle knows as much as anyone, and perhaps even more than most about hypnosis. He is a walking encyclopaedia and has a firm theoretical foundation not just a few tricks. The content is clear, exactly as promised and extremely good especially for the price. I will take JR, his products and his depth and experience over a to remain nameless real estate guy any day of the week!"
Richard Nongard - Subliminal Science & Stage Hypnotist

"The transparency template is a modern encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis on DVD. With more information than you will ever be able to use it covers the subject in depth. Jammed with inductions, suggestibility tests and just about every aspect of performing stage hypnosis you could think of. It also has well researched sections that cover the legal, health and safety aspects something that every hypnotist should know about before stepping on to the stage. I recommend it for that alone."
Brian Halliday aka Mindpunisher & Shrink (on Magiccafe Forum)

Jonathan Royle / Alex presents his material very candidly! I appreciate that! I have purchased a number of his training items (living in the States, live-training is a far-reach option for me) and I love each of them. Each item has over-delivered. Being a clinically certified hypnotherapist and a certified stage hypnotist for 6 years, in addition to my initial training, I have taken many additional training courses. Jonathan's training materials have taught me many items, techniques, insights, perspectives that I never learned in my initial live training courses! Most recently, I purchased the Transparency Template - LOVE IT. Great work, Jonathan, thank you. I'm constantly going back to it, it is beyond just training, it is a resource. The Health & Safety training it contains is worth many times the tiny investment alone! Additionally, Jonathan has extended himself for consult, even simple questions, regarding anything hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy, stage hypnosis, etc. He's a personal person - the hypnotist's hypnotist. Thanks, very much, Jonathan!
Matthew Fallon - USA Stage Hypnotist -

"This is very detailed and comprehensive home study course covering all of the important stuff you simply need to know if you're even considering setting foot on stage, street or anywhere and calling yourself a hypnotist. One thing that really stands out is that he doesn't ignore any of the problems and dangers a hypnotist is likely to face. He doesn't even just give them an honorary mention. He faces them head on and discusses them in the manner of one who has been there, done that and worn the t-shirt and implores you to learn from his own stuff-ups. Rather than just act as superfluous credits on the cover, Rob and other guests are utilized perfectly throughout the course and each is a great presenter and speaker in his own right, demonstrating the same enthusiasm for their chosen art form as the man himself Royle. To say much more would probably be classed as a spoiler, but I have to just add that the bonus DVD (regularly referred to during the main presentation) in my opinion is worth the price of this set all on its own. if this is your first purchase in this field, you'll probably have little need for very much else."
Reg Blackwood - New Zealand Stage Hypnotist


DISK ONE - (Contents)

Freedom & Common Law
Risk Assessment
Hypnosis Licensing
Ethics & Best Practice
Applying for A License
Applying for A License: 2
International Considerations
POSH Membership
International Considerations: 2
OFCOM: Broadcast Regulations
Applying for A License: 3
Ethics & Best Practice: 2
Insurance - International
Hypnosis - The True Dangers
Insurance - Getting The Best Price
Loopholes in the Laws
Insurance - Best Price International
Loopholes in the Laws: 2
The H - Factor
Loopholes in the Laws: 3
Being Street Legal

DISK TWO - (Contents)

From Street to Stage
Dangers of Stage Hypnosis
Suggestibility Tests
Suggestion: Silk, Tops & Most
Suggestion: Ring on Chin
Suggestion: Fingers Closer
Suggestion: Locked Hands
Suggestion: Eyelids Glued
Suggestion: Light & Heavy Hands
Suggestion: Hand Freak
Promoting Your Show
Suggestion: Itch & Yawn
Suggestion: Kreskin Fall Back
Suggestion: Smelly Stuff
Suggestion: Arm Drop
Suggestion: Follow Thumb
Suggestion: Summary
Suggestion: Guaranteed Locked Hands
Suggestion: Hands in Air
Suggestion: Lemons
Suggestion into Inductions
How: The 3 Keys
How: The Hypnotic Square
How: Secrets of Success
How: Dual Reality
Stuarts First Show
How: Pre-Show Conditioning
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Date Added: Mar 3rd, 2015
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