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Tricks Against Humanity (DVD & Gimmicks)

by Ross, Eric

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(Based on 2 reviews)
Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Eric Ross

Product Description

In the world of magic, there exists tricks not talked about. Tricks we're not allowed to show you.

These tricks are considered offensive, explicit, filthy, appalling and most of all... SHOCKING!

These are the "Tricks Against Humanity"!

In this box, you'll learn 14 Tricks to offend, appall, and shock your audience!

Tricks designed and tested from pros all over the world! What better way to have some adult fun?!

Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty....

The Tricks:
1. The Keno Man - Ron Jaxon
2. The Lemon Party - Anonymous
3. Sponge Dong - Goshman
4. One Night Stand - The Amazing Allison
5. The Black Pool Prediction - Peter McKinnon
6. Card to Tampon - Eric Ross
7. Blow - Anonymous
8. The D*ck Trick - Mr. Phun E.
9. Self Rolling Joint - Eric Ross
10. Magic Flip Offs - Garrett Thomas
11. Disappearing Coke - Mark Bendell & Gary Jones
12, Flash Joint - Anonymous
13. David Coppafeel - Anonymous
BONUS - Dirty Magazine Test - Paul Romhany (Tutorial Only)
Date Added: Nov 20th, 2014
MLA SKU: 546d9f86010e8


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Official Review

February 15th, 2015 3:33am
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I was told by our contact at Murphy’s that nobody wanted to review this. Sad…

My wife and I have a long history of playing naughty social games with our friends. We also really enjoyed the holiday Cards Against Humanity letters.

Plus I’m a firm believer in using magic to make a statement. I have several routines in my repertoire that would “cause a stir” in some social circles. The trick, of course, is to know your audience.

So I guess it’s up to me to review.

First-off, the subtitle of this product is “A collection of magic tricks for @$$#HOLES.” I mostly disagree with this. It implies that you need to be a jerk to perform this material. With the exception of “David Coppafeel,” there’s not a single routine on the DVD that requires you to be mean or nasty to your audience.

Yeah, they’re all in questionable taste and certainly won’t work for all audiences. And they need to be played tongue-in-cheek. But, again, know your... [Read More]

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Official Review

February 17th, 2015 3:25am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This product has really been generating some major buzz in the magic community. The majority of it is "how bad and tasteless the material is..." and " bad it is for magic."

**Disclaimer: I did not buy this product myself because I personally would not have a professional use for it, BUT I did receive it from another person to review. I also believe I have a little bit of a unique position on reviewing this because I have also seen Eric Ross perform quite a bit of the material from this product in person and one-on-one.**

Dr. J. is going to rant now: Those are the kinds of statements that really tick me off because while we cannot expect everyone to have the same viewpoint, there are certain things that are universally accepted and have been for ages. The old adage of 'It is not the tricks that make the magic, it is the magician.' applies here, though in a slightly different way.

The problem with effects like the ones contained here on this set is NOT the effects or the... [Read More]

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