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Cool Kid Show Magic

by Barnhart, Norm

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Category: Childrens
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Norm includes his stage magic for kids including: Snowflake Miser's Dream Car Repair Shop The Amazing Fleas Pirate Treasure TricksFor the past hundred years magic books have raved about being filled with modern 21st Century Magic effects. Well, this book takes you on a journey to new and amazing marvels for the 22nd Century Magician. This is Modern Magic with an entertaining twist.

Comedy Magician and best selling children's book author, Norm Barnhart has entertained audiences in all 50 states and 6 counties. He has been a full time entertainer for nearly 30 years and has developed many unique presentations that have brought laughter and amazement to audiences of kids, families, schools, libraries, day cares, fairs and festivals. He has comedy tailored for High School, corporate events and even blows away those tough Junior High audiences.

In this unique collection of magic you will discover: Appearing Beanie Bears, Floating Dolls, Cub Scout neckerchief stunts and tricks with mini-donuts!

There are naturally a few card tricks, but these have a twisted twist such as a card shark that finds the selected card and a dinosaur that does a freakish stunt. You will discover unusual birthday card tricks and even a birthday card to balloon.

You will discover Norm's unusual method to suck helium out of a balloon on a string and cause it to go down, only to then refill the helium with the help of the kids. You will even uncover the elusive secret to make a coffee cup float with Helium Latte Foam!

And of course the 22nd Century Silks
Over 88 unique tricks and original routines!

"Hi Norm. Did your routine Fictional Friction on the ships last cruise. I have got to say it played very good, wollop the sparks flew, and the adults just fell about. Great routine from a great book! Well done Norm."
- Jimmy Carlo - Cruise Ship Magician - England

"I loved your book! This book is loaded with real working pro material. You can tell Norm works a lot!"
- Ken Scott - Atlanta Professional Magician

"Dear Laugh-Makers friends, I recently got a copy of Norm Barnhart's new book, Cool Kid Show Magic -- it is filled with fun, audience-tested magic. If you don't find at least one or two things to add to your own repertoire, I'd be surprised!"
- Cathy Gibbons

"Norm, I wanted to congratulate you on your 130 page book Cool Kid Show Magic, it is pure gold! Very informative AND inspiring as well. I especially liked that you have placed valuable articles in between the routines. The photographs added well to the explanations and I enjoyed seeing your snapshots of you in action. The font choice and size make it an easy read and I was taking lots of notes as I read along. Job well done and keep up the great work. Full and part time entertainers really need books like these to inspire them to improve their programs."
- Steve Kissell
Date Added: Oct 30th, 2014
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Official Review

June 27th, 2016 11:06pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
Cool Kid Show Magic by Norm Barnhart is exactly what the title says, a book on cool magic for kid shows. In addition to full routines, Mr. Barnhart also includes shorter effects, random ideas, bits of business, as well as essays on performance and marketing. There is an abundance of information, offering a little something for everyone.

It’s apparent from the contents that Mr. Barnhart is a fan of quality and innovation in magic, so the reader will find few routines that rely on a change bag or are simply new presentations for classic plots. Which isn’t to say there’s anything inherently wrong with a change bag or classic plots, but if the purchaser is interested in differentiating themselves from other kid show performers, a great deal of content in this book that will do just that. Mr. Barnhart also shares a number of routines that are well suited for older children, with strong magic and intriguing plots using relevant props and intelligent audience management. These... [Read More]

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