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Octopalm: Anti-Gravity Gel

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Product Description

You can now accomplish in your two hands, what would normally take eight.

Octopalm: Anti-Gravity Gel is a new way to stick just about any lightweight object to your skin, without the sticky residue. No more double stick tape. No more glue dots. No more sticky adhesives. No more tacky wax.

Octopalm is the most revolutionary adhesive since magician's wax. This is a completely new chemical design that, when applied in small doses to the skin, can give you the abilities of a gecko's touch by adhering small objects to your hand, arm, fingers, even your forehead. Objects want to stick to YOU. No sticky residue means you have the freedom to produce, vanish and change small objects at will, like never before.

Ever wanted your skin to be magnetic to just about anything? Solved. Ever wanted to quickly hide a coin on the back of your hand? Easy.

Touch your skin and it feels smooth. Press a coin to it and it fuses to your hand like superglue. Take the coin off to find no sticky leftovers. The uses are endless. New, never before seen utility item Adheres almost any small object to the skin Provides gecko-like ability to do impossible tricks Leaves skin smooth - no residue or stickiness Thousands of uses - possibilities are tremendous Packs small Far superior to skin adhesives like wax, glue dots, double stick tape Easy to apply of the fly Long lasting - A little goes a long way Includes a 90 minute instructional video with multiple tricks, routines, tips, tricks & performance ideas
Date Added: Sep 17th, 2014
MLA SKU: 54193176f114c


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October 3rd, 2014 11:12pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson
REVIEW: This is possibly the hidden treasure of the year! You would likely expect to pay this much or more for just the anti-gravity gel itself. However, for that price, you get a wonderful download video by Jim Bodine, magician with over 40 years experience, including several stunning performances using this utility.

I have been performing a similar version of coins across without this product for years, but this product allows you to do moves and show your hands empty in an amazing way. After the product is applied to your hands, it is NOT visible.

The 90 minute video has many excellent ideas and routines, and if you exercise a bit of creativity, you could come up with many great uses.

CAUTION: This product does have what seems like a strong pine odor at first. The odor wears off pretty quickly. I don't see this as a problem. I have performed just minutes after applying without any problem and if you apply 10 to 15 minutes before performing, the odor has mostly... [Read More]

Official Review

November 16th, 2014 9:09am
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I typically avoid reviewing products like this. What does one say about a jar of “anti-gravity gel?” But I’ve been working on something that I thought might benefit from the use of a sticky substance, so I went for it.

It ended up not working for my application, but you can’t hold it against the product. The product description calls for a “lightweight object,” and I guess my object is just a bit too heavy.

So the only way I can review this is to just go down the list of promises and see if they hold true.

Touch your skin and it feels smooth. Basically true. It’s obviously still a bit tacky, but not so much that it feels unnatural.

Press a coin to it and it fuses to your hand like superglue. The phrase “fuses to your hand like superglue” is complete hyperbole, but you can get coins to stick. Small coins like dimes are a piece of cake. I even tried 100% silver half-dollars. You’ll need a bit more of the product and, even then, you’ll... [Read More]

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