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Breezy Project Vol. 1 (download)

by Jibrizy

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Download
Publisher: Jibrizy

Product Description

This is magic I have come up with over the years, These are all very hard hitting magic effects.

Chap Wrap: You show a chap stick, then place it into a spectators hand and close it. You then shoot a rubber band into their hand and the rubber band seems to vanish... Just then you ask the spectator to open there hand and they see the rubber band is wrapped around the chapstick.

Gone and Back: A amazing 3 card sandwich effect with 3 phases. The second phase can be done in their hand. AND END CLEANLY!

Pen possible: A impromptu pen routine. Take a cap off a pen and throw it back on. Then show it cleanly. After make a rubber band melt through holds it. *Special thanks to Greg Wilson for his ugh the pen while the spectatwork on pen and pen cap magic*
Date Added: Aug 15th, 2014
MLA SKU: 53ee428eac216


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Official Review

November 15th, 2014 2:32am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Jibrizy looks like a talented creative magician, he has a unique character in the world of magic and I can see his magic being very popular in the future. On the breezy project you get a few creative ideas and a couple solid tricks.

Gone and Back
Phase 1: A selected card is placed face up in a fan of three cards, as the fan is turned over the selection visually jumps. This is a sweet idea for a surreal visual moment, I think that it would fit better in some sort of a 3 card monte routine rather than a sandwich routine but it does look good.

Phase 2: The spectator takes the 2 queens in their hand and the magician takes the selection. The selection then changes places with one of the queens in the spectators hand. The way that he performed this live and what he explains is different. His live performance is a little more clear than the explanation. In the explanation he puts the 2 queens under the card box, he makes the selection vanish, he shows that one of the queens is now the... [Read More]

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