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Hein's Catch Up

by Karl Hein

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Computer DVD
Format: DVD

Product Description

"Hein's Catch Up" is a 5 phase coin routine will devastate your audiences. Karl's unique in the hands approach to the traditional Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick puts you so far ahead of your audience that they will never be able to "catch up".

The DVD also includes a BONUS one coin routine with a surprising Extra Large Jumbo Coin Production that will destroy your audiences in close-up environments.

"Hein's Catch Up is simply brilliant! It's hard to believe that I would even consider a new twist to a routine that I have been doing for so many years but I love it! The production of the coins is fabulous and the explanations are concise, to the point and easily understood. I especially like that it all happens in the open without pockets. I have to play with this!" - Doc Eason

"A brilliant approach to a classic effect! The subtle lighting effects on your Hein's Catch Up and Heinstein's Dream make them VERY easy to following along and learn. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC... Honestly!" -Cody Fisher

"Wow...I didn't think I would ever try another approach but I want to work with a couple of the ideas in your routine. Thanks for sharing!" - J.C. Wagner

“We are talking about an in the hands, no table, highly visual coin routine with loads of audience interaction. I highly recommend this DVD. Definitely worth every single penny. If you are into sleights you will love it. If not, you will love how the coins do all the work for you.” - Jeremy Tan - Singapore’s Favorite Magician
Date Added: Aug 14th, 2014
MLA SKU: 53ecce1d7b843


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Official Review

September 3rd, 2014 10:39am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Popularized by Scotty York, Bob Sheets and Doc Eason (among others), “Copper, Silver, Brass” is a classic piece of close-up coin magic, with many handlings having been published over the years. Karl Hein has released his handling of the effect on DVD, called “Catch Up,” that retains elements of the standard routine, but adds some new twists.

Mr. Hein’s routine is quite a roller coaster ride. He begins with a coin production, segues into a transformation, a 3 Fly sequence ensues, several transpositions occur, and then it ends with a very unexpected and surprising finale involving body loading. The routine is packed with a variety of effects, begins with a strong opening and has a spectacular finish.

The instruction on “Catch Up” continues with the very high standards Mr. Hein began with in his prior release, “Heinstein’s Dream.” The explanations are clear, use multiple camera angles, freeze framing, as well as something new to magic instruction: the... [Read More]

Official Review

January 1st, 2015 10:23am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
The old Chinese Copper/Silver (Copper/Silver/Brass as it is more popularly known) is a long-standing classic among coin magicians.

There have been many great handlings over the years by various magicians, not the least of which are Scotty York, Bob Sheets and Doc Eason (whose handling is considered by many to be the 'standard' handling of this set). Hein's Catch Up will be up there with the best of them, given the proper amount of time.

Rather than a collection of ideas for the C/S/B set, this is a particular handling. The production quality is fantastic - the audio and video are clear and crisp, the menu is easy to navigate and like all of the other DVDs put out by Karl Hein, the instruction is second-to-none. It uses freeze-framing, highlighting and on-screen texts/arrows to further clarify his verbal instruction.

There are a few points in the scripting which are slightly illogical, but most people will not catch these if you keep the action going. There is a moment in the... [Read More]

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