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by Kim, Hyunjoon

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Categories: Stage, Manipulation
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Here comes the first lecture DVD "Unveil" by Hyunjoon Kim, the Winner of 2012 World championship F.I.S.M Manipulation. You will be able to learn card & ball manipulation from the basic techniques to original techniques that was shown on F.I.S.M. We are proud to present the best cinematography and a easy to understand lecture. You will be able to learn the professional manipulation skills of Hyunjoon Kim ,unveiling for the first time through watching this DVD. You will make your show more beautiful and fascinating and your stage will be closer to perfection.

Bonus: It includes a special card manipulation gimmicks as well.


DVD Chapters:
  • Ball Roll
  • Basic Ball Vanish
  • Catch vanish
  • Two shell routine
  • Three shell routine
  • Cross ball routine
  • Spin ball change routine
  • Cross ball color change routine
  • Rainbow color ball routine
  • Silk ball routine

  • Perfect ball vanishing
  • Special pivot
  • Interlock ball Production
  • Interlock ball color change
  • Interlock ball color change combo

  • Single card vanish
  • One hand fan
  • Back palm Production
  • Split fan Production
  • Twirling
  • Perfect Production
  • Tenkal re-grip Production + Picket vanish

  • Double perfect Production
  • Center of card Production
  • Eagle Production
  • Color change twin Production
  • Rainbow phoenix Production
  • Four Color change card
  • Five card spin Twirling
    *Hyun Joon's Production*

    DVD includes:
  • Lecture on card manipulation
  • Lecture on ball manipulation
  • Special gimmicks by Hyun Joon's production

    Career & Awards:
    2008 - Club Magico Italiano in Abano Terme - Grand prix
    2010 - England Black-pool Magic Convention Stage Magic Championships - FIRST PLACE
    2011 - S.A.M convention FISM North American Championship
    *Presidential Award*
    *People's choice Award*
    *North American Champion of Stage Magic*
    2012 - place winner in FISM stage manipulation
  • Date Added: Aug 2nd, 2014
    MLA SKU: 53dd76f79d421


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    Official Review

    September 3rd, 2014 10:39am
    Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
    As a performer with plenty of experience in card and billiard ball manipulation, I was excited to watch this DVD set to see what Mr. Kim had to offer. Then I watched it...

    There are two discs in this set and I wish I could give each of them a singular review, but since that is not possible I will rate each separately and then rate the set as a whole.

    This product is...awful. Just awful. For $100/USD of your hard earned money, you are getting mediocre instruction at best with moves that are not all practical and many of which would have to be done 20 or 30 feet from the proscenium (the part of the stage in front of the curtain) to help (hopefully) hide the method.

    The first disc is all about card manipulations. The menu gives you the option of watching the product trailer, the "Basic" section and the "Original Lecture" section, which is what they call the explanation section. Each explanation started off with a performance of the sequence, then went into the... [Read More]

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