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At the Table Live Lecture - Hannibal 7/30/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

by Hannibal, Chris

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Categories: Close Up, Philosophy
Media Type: Video Download
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Format: Video Download

Product Description

The Pringles Act:Taught as both a bar or restaurant set. Hannibal will be including a chop cup routine not seen on his DVD!

Lethal Weapon:A mentalism routine filled with comedy that plays for both stage performers as well as the parlor performer. This is FILLED with comedy.

Cards Across:Hannibal shares with you his version of the classic card effect. This can play for the close up crowd all the way to the stage. A very versatile card routine!

Ask Anything:An exercise that Hannibal does on his social media. This is a Q&A session "unleashed."

Also Covered:Asking the right questions. Choosing the wrong trick. Hannibal also shares with you a short essay on failure.

Magic vs Magical:Hannibal talks about what he feels the differences are, and shares his thoughts on how you can take something "magical", and make it "magic".

PLUS:Hannibal will share with you his philosophy on knowing your limits and how to push them. He will also talk about knowing your "character". Hannibal further explains why he doesn't have tons of material. Hannibal will talk on the concept and execution of "Sleight Club". He will also share with you the Mrs. Doubt fire story.
Date Added: Aug 1st, 2014
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Official Review

August 20th, 2014 2:39am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
This lecture is worth its wait in just the magic philosophy that is discussed. Hannibal is a thinker and a good teacher. Even if you don’t like his presentation or his style I would still check this out. The things that he teaches apply to everyone. Hannibal is a real working magician and what he performs is a show that he has perfected over time. This lecture is not full of brand new magic that will fool your magic buddies, instead it is a look into why we do magic. Let’s touch on the tricks taught.

Lethal Weapon: A spectator names a celebrity and it was perfectly predicted on a large banner. This has some great lines built in and some great chances for comedy. It is a fun piece of mentalism and will fit many. Because of the pre show preparation this would be best performed for a large audience. It would work great for an emcee.

Road House: 10 cards are counted and placed in a womans blouse. This is repeated for another woman and a number of cards transports from one to... [Read More]

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Official Review

December 4th, 2014 12:51am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This is probably one of the most profound and deepest lectures you will ever see as long as these are produced. It certainly is exactly that out of all of them to date.

Throughout this lecture, Hannibal asks the question, "Why?" in regards to practicing, performing, routining, scripting, etc.

There is not a lot of magic effects in this lecture and there is nothing groundbreaking. The things that are covered though are tried and true effects which have been audience-tested over many years of performing, and that is as invaluable as anything you can ask for. The items that he performs and explains come from his repertoire and most of it is work that was not explained on his DVD set. Others are extensions of what he covered on the DVDs.

In the Juan Tamariz book, 'Mnemonica' there was an idea which was mentioned as an off-hand idea. When I read it, my mind ran off with it and I have been working on it for years; to my surprise, Hannibal has done work on that same idea, which he... [Read More]

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