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Boardwalk Deck

by The Blue Crown

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Category: Collectibles
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: The Blue Crown

Product Description

Custom Vintage-Style Design
The Boardwalk Papers deck was inspired by boardwalks and small theme parks of yesteryear, with a really fun vintage vibe. The back design, tuck, Ace of Spades, and Jokers feature fully custom & hand-drawn artwork by Drew Melton with enhancements by Randy Butterfield. The back looks AWESOME in a vintage-style two-tone brown design. The tuck box has gorgeous Gold and White Foil, plus embossing and inside printing, and we've topped it off with a custom seal. All of the faces (Courts and spots) are standard design with a custom color scheme.

Expertly Printed in Taiwan
We have teamed up again with the Expert Playing Card Company for this deck, utilizing their incredible Taipei factory to produce a thin yet stiff card stock with a Master finish to ensure exceptional handling for magic tricks and flourishes, as well as incredible durability to withstand even the roughest night of gaming. Printed by EPCC Classically Styled Two-Tone Backs Gold & White Foil, Embossing, & Inside Printing on Tucks Custom Sticker Seal Custom Ace of Spades & Jokers
Date Added: Jul 31st, 2014
MLA SKU: 53d9e9759f9c1


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