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by Wright, Tom

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Category: Close Up
Media Types: Trick, DVD
Publisher: Trickster

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The Ultimate Airborne Card Stab!

COLLISION is the ultimate ending to your favourite card routine. Have a card selected and the corner torn, or have the card signed. You can even use their very own business card. It's folded up and mixed with others. All the cards can be thrown by the spectators or released from a net. Finally before the cards hit the floor you stab one card with a Stainless steel fork that's been examined from the beginning ... Guess what?


Gimmick included

"Tom Wright is always right! He told me he has the best card stab effect ever and he totally has!"

"Organic, fresh. A classic in the making."

"It's forking great!"
Date Added: Jul 26th, 2014
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Official Review

September 5th, 2014 3:32am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Collision is an airborne card stab, with a fork, created by Tom Wright and marketed by Trickster and Arron Jones. In Collision, the performer has a spectator choose and initial the corner of a card. The performer then tears off the initialed corner and hands it to a spectator to hold onto as a “receipt.” Visibly, in front of the audience, the performer does a mercury fold to the card and then drops it into a bag containing dozens of similarly folded cards. The mercury folded cards are mixed up and then poured into three spectators open and cupped hands. At some point during the routine, the magician had handed a fork to an audience member and then asks for it back as it will be used in the trick. At the performer’s direction, they throw the cards at the magician's upper chest area. The magician, who is holding the fork down at his side, as the cards are thrown, stabs the airborne cards with the fork and the spectator’s chosen card miraculously is pierced by the four... [Read More]

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