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by Daniel Madison

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism, Gambling
Media Types: Book, Lecture Notes, eBook
Publisher: Daniel Madison

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Massively superseding it's predecessor, TWO completely sold out over night within it's first 12 hours on sale, the notes were shortly released as a PDF instant download. The follow-up to ONE and 2nd in the trilogy hosts a massive 18 all new high-impact effects now in it's 2nd edition - praised by some of the worlds leading magicians can be yours in a matter of seconds...

1 // Eccentric Tourist // A Machiavellian sting appearance

2 // Blaze 1 // An intense single-card voodoo effect

3 // Blaze 1.1 // A variation of Blaze 1

4 // Blaze 1.2 // A variation of Blaze 1

5 // Blaze 1.3 // A variation of Blaze 1

6 // Blaze 2 // Another intense single-card voodoo effect

7 // Blaze 3 // A voodoo revelation

8 // Some Bad Hat Henry // A deck vanish in some bad hat

9 // F'inGAces // A marvel of a 4-ace revelation

10 // One // A single card switch

11 // Through // Card thru anything

12 // Prophecy // A mentalism effect with a twist

13 // Stigmata 2 // An eerie revelation

14 // Breakout // A reputation making coin effect

15 // Repocket // Card to participants' pocket

16 // Execution // A torn & vanished & restored card effect

17 // Angle Zero // Corner Torn to anywhere

18 // PRe-match // Corner Torn Transposition

Notes from Daniel about TWO

Through natural progress in magic, my performances since ONE took a more advanced turn in my approach to modern and close-up magic, and an equal U-turn in my approach to Mentalism. ONE saw the Mentalist in me take on a deck of cards and resulted in some seriously realistic magic, TWO, although aiming for the same, leans more toward the Street Magician in me and goes way back to my routs as a deceptive artist.

TWO, is a set of notes not for the novice, some of the effects are only for the advanced performer and some are very risky, but still amazingly rewarding non the less.

TWO definitely shows my more gritty side of performing magic and cuts out all the verbal crap which although can be rewarding, is parted to make way for pure mind-boggling impact magic, which is what street magic is all about.

I'd only recommend this work to the experienced magician, novice/beginners may be best starting as intended with ONE.
Date Added: Jul 22nd, 2014
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Official Review

December 3rd, 2014 11:20pm
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Daniel Madison is a creative guy and his style appeals to many but he is always kind of hit and miss with me. There are some great workers in these notes but few are very original and in many cases better versions with more complete routines have been published by other performers.

Eccentric Tourist: This is the appearance of a selected card in full view. This is very similar to a card under box both in method and boldness.

Blaze 1: Here you have an interesting effect where a selected card seems to burn a hole in itself while in the spectators hand. You get a glimpse here at Madison’s funky idea of mentalism. He gets really dramatic here, he says things like “relies on the methods used by mentalists, in that misdirection must be purely natural...” when he really means that you will be using suggestion and misdirection to achieve this effect.

Blaze 1.1: Here a selection is burnt through the middle while in the middle of the deck in the spectators hand. This is simple to... [Read More]

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