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Velocity : High-Caliber Card Throwing System

by Smith, Rick

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Category: General
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Product Description

Rick Smith Jr. is THE card throwing champion for speed, distance and accuracy. Not only that, he is a WORLD RECORD HOLDER for throwing a playing card 216 feet and 4 inches at a top speed of 92 miles per hour.

Now, he's ready to give you the secrets to the most effective techniques in card throwing-- transforming you into a card-throwing ninja in minutes.

You don't have to be Rick Smith Jr. in order to throw like him. Just a few secret techniques and styles, taught in this video, will bring you from zero to Pro in no time.

In Velocity, you will quickly learn: The hidden technique for throwing with the power to slice and penetrate The secret to throwing for speed, distance and accuracy How to slice through fruits and vegetables like a Samurai blade How to penetrate hard surfaces like crystallized Styrofoam, pumpkins and cardboard How to make a card whistle as it cuts through the air Trick throwing styles and stunts Multiple throwing styles and when to use them Safety precautions Proposition betting How to get a crowd with card throwing How create your own card throwing show Four NEW single-handed card flicks that eject cards without throwing them How to start with no knowledge of card throwing and become deadly; fastNo other video lets you in on this much card throwing technique and performance information. So, suit up and get ready to be transformed into a card-throwing ninja with Velocity.
Date Added: Jun 4th, 2014
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Official Review

July 22nd, 2014 4:28am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
If you see this and find yourself on the fence about whether or not you could use something like this in your show, let me give you some reasons to come to the "dark side" (other than the fact that we have cookies...)

Your host is the Guiness Book of Records record holder Rick Smith Jr., who holds the world record for throwing a playing card 216 feet and 4 inches (72 yards/65.9 meters) at 92 miles per hour.

Rick covers what types and brands of cards to use and why and even shares a really cool way to get the cards to make a whistling/warbling sound when they are thrown! Very cool stuff! He shows you how to practice and develop your technique and skill in three different areas, how to track progress, etc.

Rick shows you three different grips with the card and how to get the maximum impact from each grip, which grips are suited to what outcomes, the 'ins' and 'outs' of each one and more. The grip that he calls his own is really only half original and half-not-so-much. I... [Read More]

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