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Metal: Getting Started in High-Impact Coin Magic

by Eric Jones

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(Based on 2 reviews)
Categories: Close Up, Beginners
Media Types: DVD, Video Download
Publisher: Ellusionist

Product Description

METAL by Eric Jones gives what you need to become a superstar. (Or at least become amazingly proficient with a set of Walking Liberties).

Your teacher is from the underground... Eric Jones. Directed by Brad Christian, this DVD was designed to serve as a full-service, gimmickless reference guide to coin magic

• Finger palm
• Ramsay subtlety
• Classic palm
• Kaps / Malini subtlety
• Holding out multiples
• Thumb palm
• Downs palm
• Buckley production
• Mutobe palm
• Curl palm
• Edge grip
• Goshman / tenkai pinch
• JW grip
• Korn production
• Mutobe production
• The pop
• French pop

• Taking
• Quick vanish
• Putting
• Elusive vanish
• Retention vanish
• Stylized retention pass

• Click pass
• Jones pass
• Roth shuttle pass
• Utility switch
• Wiped clean
• Townshend Hand washing
• Bobo switch
• Jones switch
• Benzais Friction palm
• Dr. E.M. Roberts sleeving
• Parallel sleeve vanish
• Sleeve retrieval

• 4-coin coins across
• Using a jumbo coin
• Simplex 3 fly
• Loose change
• Bluff vanish
• Jones spellbound

• Getting caught
• Windows
• Closing thoughts

• Coin rolldown
• Five coin star
• Arm roll
Date Added: Jun 2nd, 2014
MLA SKU: 538ccb61dc2cb


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Official Review

August 21st, 2014 5:54am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Well Eric Jones is slick and professional. His hands are amazing to watch. He is a great teacher and a good guide for this DVD.

The DVD is very well produced and easy to navigate. It has the feel of a kind of encyclopedia of coin magic. This is good for beginners to get a solid grasp on the basics. It is broken up into a handful of sections: concealments, productions, vanishes, utilities, sleeving, routines and flourishes. This would probably be best used as a reference if you had another coin DVD or book that went over specific routines. Talking about routines, there was a disconnect here. The whole first part of the DVD goes over moves but the routines use a whole different vocabulary of moves, so you are kind of left without any applications for many of the moves.

All of the moves are fairly basic and Jone’s teaches them all well. The only thing that bothered me is that while this is a beginning coin DVD claiming to teach the fundamentals some obvious things were missed... [Read More]
July 19th, 2014 5:25am
Reviewed by Jason Morales
This teaches most of your basic coin vanishes and concealments. It was shot fairly well I found at times maybe some different angels would have been useful. One thing that was annoying was Eric Jones is Left handed so you have to reverse all of his action for the routines. As far as the routines go for this product it was lacking however I did take Eric's 3 fly routine. Not a bad place to start but it didn't live up to its hype.
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