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by Foxx, Louie

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Categories: Close Up, Stage
Media Type: Trick

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Evaporation - A Totally New Way to Vanish Liquid

It's time to throw away your grandpa's milk pitcher, and get ready for Evaporation! This is brand new method for making liquid disappear!

About a year ago I began creating Evaporation out of a need to make some liquid disappear. Evaporation's unique gimmick has been tweaked over the course of hundreds of shows and I believe it's the best method for vanishing liquid! Here are some great reasons to throw away your grandpa's old Magic Milk Pitcher and join the 21st Century with Evaporation:

Self contained, so when traveling you don't need 2 containers (one to carry the liquid and then one for the trick)!

No refilling, the liquid never leaves the container!

Resets in less than 3 seconds!

Can handle bottle freely (unlike a milk pitcher, ghost glass, etc), you can even juggle it!

Is physically smaller than a milk pitcher, but equally as visual!

Evaporation works close up or on stage!

What Evaporation Does:
At any point in your show, you pick up a bottle of juice that's been sitting on the table and pour it into a hat, cup, newspaper, your closed fist, or some other container and the juice disappears! Or better yet the juice changes to something else!

What You Get:
You get the Evaporation gimmick, DVD and printed instructions. The Evaporation gimmick is available in orange juice bottles, and the DVD teaches you how to use your gimmick along with many ways to use Evaporation.

Here's What The Pro's Say About Evaporation

"That is pure genius - completely fooled me" - Paul Romhany

"It's freakin' awesome" - Jamie D. Grant

"Brilliant, you need one of these" - Barry Mitchell

"One of the coolest things ever...I love it!" - Tony Chris

"I've been playing with this all afternoon. So cool! I showed my wife when she got home from work, these are her words: OK, how'd ya do that?" - Steve Wronker

"Evaporation is Genius! The method will blow your mind. This is the kind of effect that you will keep coming up with different presentations for. Very well made, durable and resets so quickly. Adaptable to virtually any kind of performance... I am so excited about adding this wonderful new prop to my shows." - Dennis Vander Houwen
Date Added: Dec 4th, 2013
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Official Review

June 22nd, 2014 3:14am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This is a very clever, very practical gimmick for vanishing liquid. You are supplied with a Sunny D bottle, written instructions, and a DVD that teaches you how to use the prop, and how to replace your gimmick.

The DVD is very bare minimum. You just get a burned DVD with a black and white label. The DVD is about 30 minutes. The video quality is not the slickest, but the information is clear, and will get you comfortable setting the gimmick, and using this in your show.

I’m not big on liquid tricks, but this seems very practical and usable. All the bases are covered. This is one of those props that each magician will have a different use for.

While the instructions aren’t the most glamorous, the prop is extremely usable, and does exactly what it’s advertised to do!

Four and a Half Stars

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Official Review

January 4th, 2016 8:47am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

A great evolution of the magic milk bottle.

You get a DVD, an already prepared bottle, and an additional item to repair your bottle if needed. The gimmicked bottle is very well made and is not likely to require any maintenance for quite a long time.

The DVD also teaches you how to make your own gimmicked bottle if you want to use a different type of bottle or if you want to make a new one in case your bottle has either been damaged or thrown out by mistake. In the DVD, he said that it is not uncommon for him t leave this prop lying around at a gig, only to find out that someone has thrown it out, thinking it is trash.

He covers the various bottles that could be used, including glass bottles.

He teaches several routines, including pouring juice into a glass and then pouring out an orange from the glass, pouring liquid into a glass and tossing the contents of the glass into the audience, but it’s confetti instead of liquid, liquid to silk, liquid to mouth... [Read More]

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

February 1st, 2016 2:29pm
Reviewed by Cyril May
Evaporation is very portable, easy to re-set and versatile. I use it to talk about issues of recycling (emptying bottles before recycling, or "pouring" juice into a trash can so that cockroaches breed...) but you can use it for SO many things. Overtly you can make the level of liquid lower right before your eyes. Covertly you can appear to pour out liquid into a container, cupped hand but in fact introduce no liquid to the other receptacle. The uses are endless.

The method of this fully-self-contained utility devise is genius and easy to maintain. I had one glitch after many uses and with Louie Foxx's long-distance advice I was able to perform a normal repair operation with no troubles. My only suggestion based upon frequent usage is to be a bit more cautious than Mr. Foxx and not leave sugary liquid in the bottle for prolonged period as it may have contributed to the repair need and can cause a small stickiness in re-setting the prop. Again...not a problem.

Mr. Foxx... [Read More]

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