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by Oberle, Chris

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Product Description

Your empty hands grab a can of soda and tear off it's aluminum pop tab (that cute little metal thingy with the two holes in it).

Your lovely spectator focuses her attention on one of the tab holes....allowing her secret thoughts about you to flow into the metallic circular space. You wait a moment..but it's still just your basic soda tab hole.

You and your potential new friend apply a little bit of warmth and tender thoughts to the tab..and then WITH THE SAME TAB, The EDGES of the hole are seen to have melted into a DIFFERENT shape...the rough shape of a MELTED HEART!

It's a little embarrassing...But her secret thoughts about you have now been permanently sculpted in aluminum for all time!

She can immediately examine the melted heart tab. And if you are truly fond of her, you can let her keep the sacred object as a one-of a kind earring or lucky charm. You can try to write your phone number on the tab with a sharpie...but yes, there are better ways.

Of course ..this is just one of the MANY presentations and ideas possible with ALLUMINATI.




Put one in your pocket and you are always ready to make new friends.

- You can even put the tab in the spectators fingers so she can make the change happen herself.

- ALLUMINATI includes elegant, heart-meltingly easy handling's along with Six ALLUMINATI hearts tabs and Six ALLUMINATI 8 of hearts tabs.

Each ALLUMINATI Tab is HAND MADE using FIVE DIFFERENT STEPS to insure a perfect, natural-looking tab every time!

Refill ALLUMINATI Tabs will be available from your dealer.
Date Added: Oct 25th, 2013
MLA SKU: 526a16f7864e4


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Official Review

February 28th, 2014 3:38pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Simple Effect . . . Simple Method . . . Simple Review: Get it.

Watch the trailer. You'll see the effect. It really is that clean. Let's take a look, however, in some depth.

  • Product Quality

  • Advertisement Integrity

  • Effect

  • Method

Product Quality

These gimmicks are hand made, and you get 12 of them. They look great. They look like what I would imagine it would look like if you really did magically reshape a soda can tab. The DVD is short, but detailed, well produced, and has a super easy to navigate menu. All good marks here folks.

Advertisement Integrity

Though the ad copy is a bit on the hokey site, it's certainly honest. It mentions that the "same tab" is shown to be normal, then to have "melted." The phrase "the same tab" of course is pointing out that there is no switch, which is absolutely true. More on that in the method section below. Again all... [Read More]

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Official Review

May 13th, 2014 9:35pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I really thought I was going to hate this. When I saw the effect performed, and saw the reactions on the DVD, I knew this was a worker. This seems impromptu, and could be made into a reputation maker if used with the proper presentation.

The teaching is clear, and will get you performing this effect as soon as possible. Andrew Gerard does a great job conveying the information, and showing the possibilities of this devious gimmick. That’s what I think I love about this, the gimmick IS the tab that is given away at the end. I personally prefer the tab that is NOT a card revelation, but I see no reason why it would not be strong for laypeople.

The only negative I can think of is the price. You give away a tab each time you do this, there’s no reason to the spectator for you to keep it, and so you will have to buy refills. I know those who think the effect is worth it will buy the refills, but for me, I’m not sure I’d be willing to make the perpetual investment.

If you... [Read More]

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Official Review

November 19th, 2014 2:38am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This effect is so simple and yet so powerful. There is not much to say... get it.


This is perfect for close-up and parlor. Probably not good for stage. Great for amateurs and professionals. One more caution is that this is the sort of effect where it makes sense to give away the gimmick at the end. If you can magically alter the can tab, then why not give it away and simply alter another? Check out the "suggestions" section for an idea to solve this problem.

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