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Alien Concepts (2 DVD Set)

by Asimov, Anthony

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Anthony Asimov Magic

Product Description

Anthony Asimov's ALIEN CONCEPTS DVD series spotlights 9 out-of-this-world routines designed to captivate any earthling. Featuring Asimov's full 45-minute live show, over two hours of explanation, and the secrets behind his most closely guarded effects including "The Skulls of Anarchy" (a matrix-style effect using tiny stone skulls and Tarot Cards), "The Alien Thread" (Asimov's innovative colorful twist on the classic "Gypsy Thread" illusion) and "This Is Nuts" (a powerhouse showstopper), you will learn strong visual magic from an innovative magician that will boldly take your audiences to new places. Bonus materials include three visual performance-only routines that Asimov regularly performs in his close-up show. Asimov's magic has been seen at hundreds of college campus performances, Off-Broadway, on TV, and he is a member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.


The Alien Concept
An eerie journey in thought manifestation that uses a toy plastic alien and a burst of light to make an alien face appear on a signed playing card being held tightly between the spectator's hands.

Cosmic Appearing Cards
Three cards randomly named by different audience members suddenly appear inside of a hat that has been inspected and sitting on the table the entire time... ends with a diabolical twist.

The Alien Thread
Asimov's visual and clever update on the classic Gypsy Thread plot enhances this stunning effect with new and colorful (im)possibilities.

The Twin Card
In a self-working routine, a spectator pairs two cards together using only his decisions and a single die.

The Skulls of Anarchy
A surreal and visual matrix-style effect that uses supernatural props... 3 tiny stone skulls, a gemstone, and 4 Tarot cards.


The Cloned Cards
A mind-boggling yet simplified version of the classic Wild Card routine where a stack of duplicate cards unexpectedly begins changing one at a time into a card the spectator "accidentally" chooses.

This Is Nuts
A showstopper... a card freely chosen by a spectator appears inside of a walnut that is randomly selected from a bowl of walnuts on the table.

he Untamed Dollar
In a baffling routine with a borrowed dollar bill, a walnut, a shot glass, and an empty card box, the dollar seems to have a mind of its own when it starts vanishing and reappearing in unexpected places.

A Close-Up Encounter of the Third Kind
After three spectators select and sign their cards, they are shuffled into the deck and then revealed in visual ways... the first is torn and restored, the second teleports to a tiny box that's been in view the entire time, and the third visually changes right before the spectator's eyes without any cover whatsoever... signature and all.
Date Added: Aug 13th, 2013
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Official Review

July 26th, 2014 12:05am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Let's first start off with the price. The two disks together as a set will cost you $40 bucks, whereas if you buy them individually, you'll end up paying $50 bucks ($25 each). I kind of like this model. It doesn't force you to buy both disks but offers you an incentive to do so.


Anthony Asimov is a very likable guy and fun to watch (both in performance and explanation), so you'll likely enjoy the DVDs from an entertainment perspective. Between both DVDs you'll get 9 effects. Most of the material is relatively familiar. However, Asimov has a decent skill for putting an interesting spin on things. For example, his Skulls of Anarchy routine is a matrix like you've never seen before. It uses Tarot cards and miniature human (ish) skulls. It has a nice feel to it, and it's probably THE most motivated matrix I've ever seen. Vernon's Queen's Soir

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Official Review

February 12th, 2014 4:38am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This is a wonderful DVD set. The close up show Anthony performs is entertaining and an education to watch. That said, not all of the effects are explained, and some of them require custom made props.

Overall, there are some great ideas on here, and his thoughts on how to make magic more visual and more memorable are very intriguing.

My main issue is when he teaches effects that aren’t fully his. For example, he does Tommy Wonder’s Tamed Card, and it’s very well done, but he hasn’t brought anything especially new to the plot or script to make it worth releasing & teaching on a DVD.

Many of the effects are situation based. They won’t be the best fit for a strolling magician, but someone who does a Magic Castle style close up table show regularly will get some good effects and ideas for their shows.

Overall, this is a good product with some good magic on it at a reasonable price.

Four Stars

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