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Self-Working Handkerchief Magic

by Fulves, Karl

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Category: General
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Dover

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61 great tricks: pass objects through a handkerchief, dissolve handkerchief knots, make handkerchiefs appear and disappear, transform a handkerchief into an animated mouse, restore a handkerchief cut in half. Learn all the secrets of folds and knots essential to this type of magic. 509 illustrations.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
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Official Review

April 19th, 2016 12:35am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Self-Working Handkerchief Magic (SWHM), written by Karl Fulves, is one of many gems in the Dover Publication library.

Originally published in 1988, the book has more of an old school feel to it, and that for many, is a very good thing. While handkerchiefs may be less common in everyday life, it is frequently used in magic tricks. With the tricks you learn in SWHM you will learn stand-alone tricks and ways to jazz up tricks in which you already use a handkerchief.

The book itself is a paperback and priced at $7.95, it is a great deal. The book contains 61 tricks, has over 500 easy to understand hand-drawn illustrations that make learning the tricks easy. The book measures five and a half inches by eight and a quarter inches and its 184 pages make it half an inch thick.

The book is smartly organized by chapters, including, Quick Tricks, Penetrations, Vanishes, Sympathetic Silks, Cut and Restored, Productions, Animation, Cards and Handkerchiefs, and others. There are... [Read More]

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