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The Undercover Wallet

by Nicholls, Andy

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Utility Props
Publisher: Titanas

Product Description

This practical new wallet design fits comfortably in your back pocket or in any jacket pocket. There are several possible loading methods - some involve palming and some do not. Playing cards can be either stolen out of the wallet or loaded into the wallet, and the loaded cards can be revealed in one of TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. One of the locations is a zippered compartment while the other one is in a separate "inner credit-card wallet." Perhaps best of all, the wallet can be used as a peek device for mentalists.

Dimensions Approximately: Closed - 4" x 5" Open - 4" x 10"
Date Added: Feb 6th, 2013
MLA SKU: 51120d8b36d22


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Official Review

July 12th, 2014 12:57am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Titanas has re-released Andy Nicholl's undercover wallet. I really like this product. I love the card to wallet effect, it is one of those tricks that really resonate and stick with people.

So the wallet looks like a normal wallet and functions like a real wallet as well. This is a huge selling point for me. In my area the large breast coat wallets that are large enough for a check book are used by old men and women. It needs to look natural or the they may suspect the wallet. In this case, the wallet looks completely normal.

To give you the run down it is a black bi-fold wallet with a change purse on the outside, 2 long pockets for paper money, and 4 pockets on either side. The zipper compartment is in the back money pocket and it also comes with a small wallet for your business cards. There are no clear window pockets, and the zipper or the change pocket really couldn't hold change but other than that it is solid enough to be used as your every day wallet. Tony Curtis is well... [Read More]

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