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Anima: A Breath of Life

by Michel & Greco

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(Based on 3 reviews)
Category: Close Up
Media Types: Trick, Utility Props
Publisher: Vernet

Product Description

A Breath of Life!

  • You'll give it for close examination after the performance.
  • You'll perform it under any light condition with plain sunlight or in a room with a strong spotlight.
  • And you'll be always ready.
  • You'll not be hooked up.
  • Anima gimmick will give you absolute freedom.
  • You'll perform it in any condition: sitting, standing up, outdoor or indoor.
  • Perfect for strolling magic.
  • This is an angle proof version, for one to one setting or surrounding.
The Phantom Deck
Two selected cards are lost in the deck. The cards are placed in the palm and it moves in a spooky way. Part of the deck moves sideways, then moves back revealing the selected card. Now you repeat it with a second card. Now with Anima you'll perform the strong classic effect but:
  • With a borrowed deck.
  • With Anima there's NO SET-UP.
Acrobatic Matchbox
A box of wooden matches is animated in an incredible way. It slides around your hand, flipped over by itself and the drawer opens and closes under your control. It's hard to imagine until you see it yourself.


1 Special Anima Gimmick
1 Special Matchbox (No matches)
1 Hour full instructions and live performance DVD

Anima is the safest method with no risk. The most practical and useable version.
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2013
MLA SKU: 50f6c8ae9df03


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January 23rd, 2013 12:15am
Reviewed by Richard Burkey
My good friend Barry Schor (Presto Magic) showed me a video of Anima when it was less than 10 days old. I was looking for a "spooky" effect along the lines of
The Haunted Pack, and it piqued my interest. He knew nothing about it, nor did I being that it was SOOOOOO new. I had him order it on the spot. I bought it mostly because Vernet products are generally quite good. This is what I wrote Barry, and will share with all of you.
"Less than overwhelmed with it. But for what I want, it will do. I hope you took the liberty to open it and see what it was. If not, it is just another take on the ITR without invisible thread… and a very short length of line at that. Nicely built into a "remote" on a key fob, but I don't think it improves the haunted pack much, if at all. The claim on the back that "you'll perform it under any light condition with plain sunlight or in a room with a strong spotlight" just isn't true… I guess you COULD perform it in any light, but the shiny (I... [Read More]

Official Review

January 28th, 2013 3:23am
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
Vernet's new Premium release, Anima: A Breath of Life, is the latest solution to The Pack That Cuts Itself first published by Al Baker in 1933. It is also the latest approach to the Acrobatic Matchbox. Anima is not a new method to accomplish these effects but rather a new approach to method.

Anima is an ingenious and well-made but expense tool to deliver the necessary motivation for both effects. When I opened the box, I had a surprise as the tool is cleverly disguised as a remote control key fob. If you are caught with it, it looks like something one would have on their person. You carry it in your pocket and in a moment's preparation, perform the The Pack That Cuts Itself or as its also known, The Haunted Pack.

The tool is easy to use but needs care and audience management in getting ready and cleaning up. I feel it's best suited for the intermediate magician - who doesn't already have a preferred methodology to the effects. For me, this is a... [Read More]

Official Review

August 8th, 2013 6:11pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Products like this really give me a run for my money as a reviewer. They're tough to properly judge. Let's try to break it down together and discuss a few things.

  • Product Quality

  • Method Do-Ability

  • Advertisement Integrity

Product Quality

The Anima gimmick is well made. It's concealed inside of what appears to be a automobile remote control that you might have on your key ring. It's well made, and I believe that with the proper care and handling it will last quite a long time. However, I will say that if you actually have it on your key chain, you'll be taking a risk that may cause the gimmick to break (more on this later). The matchbox that comes with the kit is also well made. It's been slightly modified, but done well.

Method Do-Ability

The modification on the matchbox is meant to allow it to work in conjunction with the Anima gimmick. The demo video looks great, but I could not get it... [Read More]

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