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53 Friends: Cardtricks for Everywhere

by Evans, Eric

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Eric Evans

Product Description

The latest manuscript from Eric Evans. A collection of card tricks and sleights, this material has been in Eric's repertiore for many years now and he shares all of the nuances that make it look like real magic.

Subterfuge and Artifice
Evans' commentary on the classic palm.

Cellini's Card thru the Table
This is the trick that I've guarded for some years now. Cellini's creation, This close-up miracle happens in the spectator's hand.

One Handed Zorro
A one-handed version of a Looey Simonoff trick. Ernie's contribution changed it to a one-handed sleight.

Ernie and Bruce meet with Erdnase at my place (or the OHDPS)
This is his work on the fastest, most deceptive palm there is. According to Eric, it has fooled EVERYONE without exception.

The Pro Kangaroo
I've used this trick in formal settings, Stage work, and Circle Shows.

Piercing the Veil
My work on the Classic Card thru Handkerchief

LePaul 360
this is Cellini's work on the LePaul Spread Pass. There is an inherently weak angle to this Pass. Cellini solved it completely and I simply added a subtlety that makes it more convincing in fast company.

The Homing Circle
handling for routine like Homing Card Plus

The Broadside Dribble
This is something he's used in fast company for years, it'll fly by the best card men in the world.

The Broadside Crimp
crimping card in middle

Baker Does Hofzinser
A beautiful trick for any setting, Al Baker's Walking, Jumping Card. Eric updated it for instant reset. You'll require a specialized utility item and includes his handlings for a various settings.

Rosini works the Street
This one you'll be able to perform as soon as you know the secret, it's a doozy, and has fooled many fine magicians along the way.

Mr. Earick's Collector
An unpublished trick from Ernest Earick, suitable for close-up work.

Pages: 44 - 8.5" x 11" - Softcover - Spiralbound - Black and white illustrations
Date Added: Dec 28th, 2012
MLA SKU: 50dd51844699c


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