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3 Card Monte Jumbo

by Chhajer, Sumit

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The 3 card Monte, also known as Three-card Marney, Find the Lady or Follow the Bee, has been the classics of close up magic from the ancient time. The trick is now available to be practical and fool your small and large audiences.

Three Jumbo cards are shown, two Kings and one Queen. Now turn the cards with their backs to the crowd. You explain that the audience should follow the movement of the Queen, as you slowly and openly rearrange the cards. No matter how closely they watch, they will ALWAYS guess wrong! You have complete control at all times and the Queen can be made to vanish and reappear at will. For the astonishing climax, all three cards change to Kings!

Gimmicks are made of card board and come with a protective wooden carrying case (color of case may vary).

Card Dimensions Approximately: 9" x 13"
Case Dimensions Approximately: 10" x 14" x 1"
Date Added: Dec 19th, 2012
MLA SKU: 50d1740507156


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