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Nine Uneasy Pieces

by Neale, Robert

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Categories: Bizarre, Close Up, Philosophy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Theory and Art of Magic Press
Publication Summary: 2012, 36 pgs.
Format: Saddle-stitched

Product Description

Nine Uneasy Pieces is the brand new book by the master of magical story telling, Robert E. Neale.

Assembled in collaboration with the editor Lawrence Hass and published by Theory and Art of Magic Press, Nine Uneasy Pieces includes nine previously unpublished routines, each one with a complete script:

The Bald Truth

A Strange Happening at Ho Toy (by Larry White)

The Archangel

The Hitchhiker

More Frixion Fantasties

The Wanderer

Beware the People Weeping



Product Details:

8.5" x 11", 4-color cover

36 pages

From the Introduction by Lawrence Hass:

"Bob and I worked together to select the pieces for this book and their arrangement. In selecting from such a bountiful menu [of Bob's unpublished manuscripts], we sought pieces that refelected a diversity of tones, themes, and props. We also sought pieces that had especially interesting or deceptive secret methods.... I hope you enjoy...the feast! Delacacies abound, sweets and savories. Magic light and dark: Nine Uneasy Pieces."
Date Added: Oct 30th, 2012
MLA SKU: 508f506bd0081


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Official Review

December 12th, 2012 11:51pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Thanks to Bob Neale I'm more Awake and Alive (Thank you Skillet . . . too) than I was 2 hours ago before I'd read this book of beauty. Though I'm Awake and Alive, paradoxically I'm yet asleep and closer to death. This is what happens to your brain when you read a Robert E. Neale book. You start viewing the world just a little bit differently. These nine effects range anywhere from downright silly to downright creepy and every emotion/feeling/etc. in between.

Of particular interest to me was Neale's work on the Frixion pen - y'all know I'm obsessed with that pen. He offers three effects with these sneaky little implements. However, his third offering goes a bit beyond . . . he offers a very clever concept that I've not seen in Frixion work, and in this third piece he offers a half-dozen ways to use this new concept. Brilliant . . . worth the $15 bucks alone.

If you don't find something that moves you in the book, you are neither Awake nor Alive. The big thing you're... [Read More]

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