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Burning Connection

by Amyx, Andy

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Categories: Close Up, Pyrotechnics
Media Types: Trick, Utility Props

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to produce a flaming business card from your wallet?

The Burning Connection wallet will ignite your business card. When you extinguished the card it then can be handed to a spectator as your "Burning Connection" This is absolutely one of the most impressive ways to presents your business card. The wallet is hand crafted. These wallets feature a thin rechargeable battery. Completely silent gimmick when the card is ignited and a safety on and off switch has been built into each wallet to prevent misfires.

This wallet cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Includes a USB battery recharger for the wallet!

Japanese translation available.
Date Added: Aug 31st, 2012
MLA SKU: 504060f3e5421


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