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by Pickard, Jonathan

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

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A two-card transposition routine in which the card box transforms to reveal the identity of each selection in turn, printed on its back. Jonathan Pickard's 'Ambideckstrous' combines simple sleight and a cunning concept to create an astonishingly fresh routine so unobtrusively practical it can integrate near-seamlessly into almost any magician's repertoire. The audience is led through an engaging routine of unexpected revelations and a translocation twist whereby two selections change places in the spectators' hands with a shocking conclusion. Versatile, adaptable, personal...this is an effect where the spectators' reactions will speak for themselves.

Includes gimmicked card and 20 page instruction booklet.
Date Added: Aug 15th, 2012
MLA SKU: 502b48f583c08


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Official Review

January 4th, 2013 5:34am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Too bad the creator of this effect isn't named Jonathan Bickard (rather than Pickard). Then I could refer to him as "Johnny B" (Thank you "The Hooters"). Regardless of spelling, I'll bet he gets asked if his middle name is "Luc" a lot. This product has a lot going for it:

  • The idea is clever

  • The instruction booklet is very well produced

  • There are mulitple effects and ways to use the gimmick taught in the booklet

  • There are a ton of other ideas you'll have once you learn the basic secret

What it, unfortunately, doesn't have going for it is:

  • The gimmick is not printed well- it looks fuzzy and blurry

  • The price is a bit steep for one effect

  • They should have used a Joker - That makes sense only if you've seen the gimmick

The trailer shows a very honest performance and sample of what the effect is and how well it plays, and indeed, with a gimmick that looks a bit more realistic,... [Read More]

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