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Blinking Effect

by Bertrand, Jean-Luc

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(Based on 2 reviews)
Categories: Close Up, Beginners
Media Types: Trick, DVD
Publisher: Close Up Magic

Product Description

Written and Directed by JeanLuc Bertrand

"The Real Secret is not how does it Work, but why does it work !"

A full Magic Set :

DOUBLE DVD - 168 minutes
  • 8 complete routines (cards, rose, mentalism, misdirection, cigarette, ring and more)
  • 35 minutes Live Demo
  • 75 minutes Explanation and Theory
  • 1 hour of extra material

Languages : French - English
Subtitles : English - French
Date Added: Jul 28th, 2012
MLA SKU: 50138dfec5523


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Official Review

January 12th, 2013 4:54am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This is a very well shot, and edited DVD project. It’s stupid high quality. There are special effects, a real soundtrack, audio commentary, subtitles and alternate languages.

The major downside is that many of the effects will be deemed ‘unpractical’ by many amateurs watching. He uses all the methods we as magicians groan at with disappointment. One of the methods makes the use of turning a spectator into an instant, shall we say, “Larry, Moe, or Curly.” One of the effects uses a brilliant ‘psychological force’ but it won’t work outside of Europe. Some of the effects require really extensive one time preparation, that will be considered WAY too much by some table workers.

However, THIS table worker showed me something more worthwhile to me than ‘tricks’. He showed me the passion of a magician for the effect alone, and not caring about the extensive work it takes for the method. He admits several times that he does not care about the method, the effect is all... [Read More]

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Official Review

April 8th, 2014 9:37pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Review of JeanLuc Bertrand's Blinking Effect:

2 DVDs, 1 movie, 8 routines, 1 gimmick and $40 . . . is it gem or is it rubble . . . or somewhere in between?


This is a compilation DVD, so it's hard to nail down one specific effect. However, what you do receive is a full live 30 minute show of JeanLuc Bertrand's close up act. Everything from appearing roses to vanishing watch to borrowed ring on glass stem and a whole bunch more stuff. Here's the short version:

The effect in the trailer is called Influence. This effect is essentially an Invisible Deck without a gimmicked deck.

Signature is essentially signed card under the table cloth a la Matt Schulien.

Bottom Card & Card Watch is a pretty solid routine for cards under the spectator's bum-bum and under their watch.

Ring Glass - borrowed ring on wine glass stem.

Final Destination is essentially an open prediction style of effect... [Read More]

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