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PSI Device

by Steve Fearson

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: eBook
Publisher: Steve Fearson

Product Description


Telekineses without the use of traditional gimmicks. Cause an object to move without touching it, or even coming near to it.

Uses no threads or wires
No magnets, can move paper
No air currents or blowing
No static fields or charges

The method will be a revelation to magicians and psychic performers alike.

The PSI Effect uses none of the traditional gimmicks.

The manuscript contains everything you need to know to perform this incredible feat.

This item consists of a very powerful secret, which once learned can not be returned. Therefore, there are no refunds on this particular item.

You will receive a pdf copy of the booklet immediately upon ordering. It is compatible with any computer, mac or windows.
Date Added: Jul 25th, 2012
MLA SKU: 500f3a48e6b75


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August 7th, 2012 6:37pm
Reviewed by Frank Tougas
Steve Fearson is the mad scientist of magic. His innovative solutions to magical problems are unique. Being unique many things are hits and others misses. This is a hit but you may be disappointed in the method not in the effect. This is a perfect illusion for those who like bizarre magik, paranormal, mentalism and PK effects. The advertisement is correct 100% and the effect is spooky, I invite you to check it out on YouTube. This originally sold for fifty dollars, highly overpriced. Many may think the ten dollars is overpriced but hey it is an inventive solution by an inventive guy, give him the ten. Now there is some adolescent magic wannabe, who blabbed the work on the internet, and I read it, yet it was so creative I bought the download anyway, just to give Steve his due. If you want to do a really spooky PK effect and okay with feeling a bit foolish, I recommend this. Frank Tougas

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