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Alchemist's Dream

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Viking

Product Description

Magicians and alchemists have been trying to change base metal into gold for centuries. Now, thanks to our friends at Viking Magic, this can become a reality for both you and your amazed audience. Bring out a small brass vial, a magic potion and an enameled brass box containing some black metal filings. The filings are placed inside the vial and a drop of potion added to them. A cork completes the ritual. Shake the vial and dump out the contents, showing that they have changed to gold filings. Return these to the vial and add more of the potion. Stir the vial and a GOLDEN NUGGET is produced from inside. Truly amazing. The vial may be examined as there is nothing for them to find. The Alchemist's Dream comes complete with brass vial and handmade brass enameled box, all the necessary filings, the Gold Nugget plus suggestions for other effects using the Alchemist's Dream Vial. Beautifully made; 100% mechanical. A true collector's set.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: DNeleUmdx2zsC3U


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