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by Theory 11

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Categories: Close Up, Collectibles
Media Type: Utility Props
Publisher: USPCC

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The Aristocrats will not be a collector's item. They already ARE a collector's item. A reinvention of a classic, timeless design.

Aristocrat Bank Notes are back, and they're back in style. With embossed emblems and titling, this deck will surely catch the eyes of many. The backs have a hint of elegance and intricacy, with universal appeal.

Printed in 2011 on the finest card stock available at the historic United States Playing Card Company, founded in 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Aristocrats are coated with a Linen Finish. They are known for their durability and unparalleled longevity. The finest collectors and most luxurious cards only attempt to match the quality Aristocrats have shown since the very beginning.

The court cards contain rich, deep colors - with metallic gold on the royal faces. A perfect addition to your collection, as well as the card table. Whether you're using them for a friendly game of poker, or a little advantage play - or both! - they are a perfect match.

A premium, refined collector's item, and an incredible deck that has been the choice of more professionals than any other. The Aristocrats have fought and earned their place in the hands of the industry's finest creators over the past century.
Date Added: Nov 9th, 2011
MLA SKU: 4ebb28a44cc84


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Official Review

February 9th, 2012 3:39pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This is a pretty and practical deck from Theory 11. There are no tricks, and the only ‘gimmicks’ are a blank card and one way back design.

They handle well, they look like normal cards, and they farrow out of the box. I’ve been working with them for the last three weeks, and the wear and tear is minimal. Not much more I can say.

Overall, you get exactly what you pay for.

Four Stars

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