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Poor Boy Billet Knife

by Jack, Street

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Utility Props
Publisher: Magic City

Product Description

The Poor Boy Billet Knife isn't a fancy magic prop. It's a simple utility device invented by a magician, used by same, and placed on the market for a reasonable price. Like most magic gimmicks, it's just "one of those" with "that one thing" attached to it.

However, this knife is also very effective! There are no moving parts to get stuck or jammed as with other billet knives. One simple move with your thumb and the billet is loaded, every time!

A borrowed dollar bill, signed and folded, vanishes at your fingertips. Pick up a piece of fruit from the table - or the spectator can choose it fresh from the market - and cut it open to reveal their signed dollar inside the fruit! Stainless steel blade! Durable composite handle! Dirt-simple and damn reliable! Borrowed and signed interaction! The Poor Boy Billet Knife can also open a sealed envelope and secretly inject a small item inside. Reveal the billet right away, or just do the cutting and let your spectator expose the prize!

This small knife fits deep in your hand, naturally concealing any suspicious movement. The gimmick extends beyond the body of the knife, acting as a spear to keep the incision open until the billet is loaded correctly.

The maximum billet size, without hiding it with your thumb or finger, is about half an inch wide by 1.5 inches long. Instructions include the most famous billet trick ever, Bill in Lemon!

What is a billet? A billet is any small object, usually a folded piece of paper and often used in mind reading routines by mentalists. Use the Poor Boy Billet Knife to inject billets into impossible locations!

Three-Year Replacement Coupon Inside! With your Poor Boy Billet Knife, you'll receive a replacement coupon. If the product fails within three years, it will be replaced/fixed for free; you just pay shipping and handling at actual cost!
Date Added: Oct 5th, 2011
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January 29th, 2014 1:52am
Reviewed by Frank Tougas
I’m going to give my rating of this magic utility item. I am probably not the one to be doing this since mental magic is not my forte, just something I dabble in, in addition to my close-up and stage shows.

First off, it is not the first time a regular object has been slightly altered to become a magic prop. I admit, compared to the hype I was disappointed in what I got. The knife itself is a substantial and ferocious looking thing, not what one would ordinarily use to cut fruit or open an envelope. Maybe if you were confronting someone in a dark alley, but not in the light of day experienced by a mild magician or mentalist.

It is certainly not as elegant as the letter opener made by Joe Porper and Pete Biro, but then the difference in price should have made that clear. There is also no duplicate knife that may be wielded by the spectator. Maybe a seasoned mentalist would find value in this item, I on the other hand did not. If I were an aspiring mental magician or mentalist... [Read More]

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