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How To Sell Your Act

by Marston, Tim

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Category: Business
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Product Description

A great resource packed with detailed information to help self employed entertainers to generate more work

Are you beginning your career as a professional magician?

Are you already working but would like to know how to get more bookings or increase your fees?

How To Sell Your Act will give you the insider secrets, tips and techniques to take your magic career to the next level...Guaranteed or your money back.

How To Sell Your Act has been created to teach you how to use marketing techniques to take control of the work you do, the fees you charge and your career as a whole.

You can find out about the eBook on this link.....Or you can read on for more details.

The eBook goes into great detail on subject such as:
  • Publicity material — What you need and how to get it. Good publicity material is the absolute cornerstone of selling your act. Learn how to get this right and you are well on the way.
  • Sort you act out! — How to assess your act. When you put conscious thought and time into the way you package market and sell your act this will make you a much more attractive offer to your prospective customers.
  • Potential clients — An assessment of your potential clients and their needs. This will allow you to target them in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Instead of blindly aiming at anyone who will give you work, if you target your marketing at your chosen type of clients you will have much more control over the work you do and the amount of money you can charge.
  • Entertainment agents — How to get entertainment agents on your side and selling your act...They do the work so you don’t have to! Getting agents on bard can very both difficult and time consuming, in the book you will learn the best way to approach agents and then how to keep on their good side.
  • Traditional forms of selling your Act — There have been around for a long time for a reason. Time served techniques to get you more work easily and cheaply from trade fairs to business cards.
  • TV and TV Talent shows — Great tips and advice on TV talent shows. Many people assume as TV appearance will blast their careers into the stratosphere...very rarely is this true and TV work can be very demanding for little in return...BUT if you get your marketing right TV companies will contact you and this gives you the power to negotiate hard for the best deal possible.
  • Internet marketing — Websites...The biggest and most important part of your marketing bag of tricks. You will learn advanced tips and secrets to
  • Internet marketing — Search engine optimisation (SEO)...How to use Google and other search engines to create large amounts of enquires and bookings FOR FREE! SEO is very powerful techniques and it can work for you with some focus and application.
  • Internet marketing — HTML emailers and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Two immensely powerful techniques to drive more enquiries and sales. HTML emailers are a great way to keep in touch with both existing and new clients. PPC marketing is a cheap, effective and instant technique for driving huge amounts of sales through your website.

Who is Tim Marston?

Good question, why would you buy the eBook without knowing about the guy who wrote it?

Tim is one of the world’s most successful fire performers, he also works as an internet marketing consultant and has helped hundreds of firms achieve success with online marketing. He owns and runs Juggling Inferno (a group of fire performers, jugglers and magicians) who entertain audiences all over the world. He has built up Juggling Inferno from scratch (learning most things the hard way) and is now giving away the secrets to his success in the eBook

Why would you buy the eBook?

Another good question...!

This is not your ordinary eBook. The book has been written, designed and created to a very high standard. If you apply what is explained in the book YOU WILL GET MORE WORK FOR BETTER FEES IN THE SHORT AND LONG TERM.

It has been released at a special introductory price (the price will be going UPvery soon).

The eBook costs £19.80 or $30 US Dollars (approx depending on exchange rates) . It comes comes with a sixty full money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

So to get a jumpstart on your carer by dramatically increasing the amount of bookings you take and the amount of earnings you make follow the link to below buy the book.

Buy the eBook How To Sell Your Act.
Date Added: Sep 18th, 2011
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Official Review

October 9th, 2011 2:58pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Books on business for magicians and entertainers are rare. Even more rare is a book that is both up-to-date and full of useful information. I'm happy to say that Tim Marston's How To Sell Your Act hits the mark on both counts.

DISCLAIMER: As I am writing this, we have a huge "affiliate" banner for this product on our site. My thoughts on this product have in no way been swayed by that fact. I base my review solely on the knowledge I've gained over 30 years of performing and 15 years of building websites and online businesses.

The first thing you notice about this eBook is the production value. Many authors tend to skimp on design for digital books. This book is quite the opposite. The author seems to be taking advantage of the fact that he can get away with graphical elements that might be cost-prohibitive if the book were printed.

The other thing that's obvious from the very beginning is that the content was learned from the school of hard knocks. This... [Read More]

Official Review

December 19th, 2011 11:22am
Reviewed by Christian
There are very few books on the business of magic. Most of those books are shallow dips into the world of show business. They simply cover only the basics and sometimes not even that. “How to sell your act”, is at the opposite end of that spectrum. It is a step by step course in getting your magic business off the ground.

It is an E-book that is 117 pages long. It contains “zero” fluff, no filler, or wasted pages. Tim Martson gets to the meat in a hurry. If you are serious about selling your act, you will be reading this more than once.

Tim takes you through the process of thinking about your act and how it might work in the real world. He explains that business is the bigger word in show business. Right from the top he gets you thinking about ROI and how it will affect how you do business.

Throughout the book Tim has highlighted “Tim’s Top Tips”. I really like those and if he just sent you a sampling of ten out of the book, you would probably scoop... [Read More]

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