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by Harris, Ben

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Category: General
Media Types: Trick, Book
Publisher: Ben Harris
Publication Summary: 2011, 12 pages
Format: Saddle-stitched

Product Description


Aqua~imp is one powerful piece of "incidental" magic. It appears almost impromptu. This illusion of spontaneity actually enhances the mystery-for it is at this magical (and supposedly offhanded moment) you give your spectators a thought-provoking, gentle, and fun glimpse at an un-imagined world of possibility.

Here's what Aqua~imp looks like:

You join friends or clients at a social or office environment where there happen to be bottles of drinking water being consumed. This can be at a bar, outdoor event, sporting occasion, party, anywhere. Bottles of drinking water are ubiquitous these days. Commenting on someone's particular brand of bottled water, the performer states:

"You know this (insert brand) bottled water really does have amazing properties. The ions in the water can transcend to pure helium, making the entire bottle lighter, almost blimp-like... Let me show you. May I have your bottle?"

The performer takes the spectator's almost empty bottle of water, uncaps it, and spills a little on his outstretched palm. He now smells the water, breathing in deeply and commenting:

"Yes, this is the real stuff... amazing. Here, you smell. Can you detect the faint scent of 'jasmine?' Upon ionization the water gives off that scent!"

The spectator looks a bit puzzled, being able to detect nothing, but the performer continues and provides proof...

The bottle is re-capped and the placed on the table so it is lying down flat. Several other bottles are also laid down flat on the table. The performer now rolls the spectator's bottle under his palm, back and forth across the table. He then allows the spectator to do the same.

"Would you just roll it back and forth, the remaining water will transcend to a higher state - the bottle will become lighter! It will make the bottle want to float off the table. It's a bit too heavy to actually do that, but you should see it try darned hard!"

After rolling the bottle flat on the table for a few seconds, the spectator lifts her hand and the bottom of the bottle rises up, off the table, following her hand.

"It almost does look like a blimp trying to take flight! Push it down flat again. Now release it. Look it really has become lighter!"

The sight of the bottle bobbing up and down is quite freaky. Especially as the other bottles have remained flat on the table throughout. Remember this can be the spectator's bottle.

Commenting that,

"The transcended air is too dangerous to leave floating around,"

the performer offers to:

" the molecules, removing all evidence of the ionization."

He instructs the spectator to once again press the bottle flat to the table, but to roll it in an East-West direction. This she does. Upon completion she lifts her hand and the bottle now remains lying flat on the table. The molecules inside the bottle now having returned to their normal state.

Further, the bottle is now uncapped and a little of the water tipped out onto your palm. Everyone can now smell the scent of jasmine! Even the spectator's water bottle will smell like jasmine all day long!

Pages: 12 - 8.5" x 5.5" - Softcover - Saddle Stitched - Color Cover and Black and white photos
Date Added: Sep 9th, 2011
MLA SKU: 4e69b9748a56b


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Official Review

October 25th, 2012 7:06pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
The first impression that Aqua-Imp makes, like Harris' X-Ray, isn't very good. You're paying $15 for a booklet with wide margins and so few pages that they aren't even numbered. (There are 10 pages with actual content, by my count.)

If you're a fan of the Imp Bottle, as I am, then this is something you'll want to jump on. If you're not necessarily a fan, but are intrigued, then here's what you need to know. You can work this with virtually any plastic water bottle that's nearly empty. It's not strictly impromptu as you'll need to carry a gaff, but as Harris recommends, it's the type of magic that plays best when it seems completely spur of the moment. You'll have to construct the gaff yourself, which is easy and clearly explained. You might want to make and carry more than one if you're concerned about especially attentive spectators who might notice a slight discrepancy that can occur.

What I like best about this... [Read More]

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