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Zenith Rising Sharpie

by Steve Fearson

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Fearson Magic

Product Description

The principle is as old as the hills. The prop is as modern as it gets.A Sharpie marker laid on your palm slowly RISES until its standing on end! It stands there, defying gravity for a moment and then slowly DESCENDS!Based on a time tested and proven principle dating back to the Indian Fakirs, Steve Fearson has redesigned the Zenith Pencil gimmick and integrated it into a Sharpie.The gimmick is virtually INVISIBLE. The pen can be used as a normal pen, you'll almost forget the gimmick is there. But it is there. When you need it. No Threads No Wires No Magnets No Moving Parts No Lighting Restrictions Nothing to reset or replace.These are just a few of the things that make Zenith one of the most practical levitation/suspension effects you can perform.The effect also lends itself to some risque humor should you decide to go that route. Use it as a lie detector. Or a hottie detector. With a little imagination you can get a lot of mileage out of this nifty prop.This effect can be combined with G-Sharp, the Balancing Sharpie to create a truly baffling routine.
Date Added: Jul 7th, 2011
MLA SKU: 3aaa99999


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July 11th, 2011 2:58pm
Reviewed by Frank Tougas
Being a psychologist and not a farm hand I find the palm of my left hand insufficiently calloused to make this thing work. It is based on the old rising pencil trick and was even released years ago as a voo-doo doll that would stand up by itself in your hand. Unlike the pencil and the doll, the sharpie pen is way too heavy to be effectively used by most of us tenderfeet er..hand.

It is also a wildly unbalanced object that even when you do get it to rise, it wants to list to one side or another making it look more like you are juggling it than an object mysteriously rising by itself without the magicians help. To make matters worse after a few uses the blackened [gimmick] appears to come off going from a well camouflaged black to match the top to bright and shiny silver.

I would have hoped Steve would have supplied a hollow pen that is light in weight and better balanced. The idea it can be used as a real pen escapes me. If you don’t mind the pain or the blood for that matter... [Read More]

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