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Aleph Wallet (Wallet and DVD)

by Michel, Vernet Magic

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism
Media Type: Utility Props
Publisher: Vernet Magic

Product Description

Aleph Wallet is the perfect tool for the working professional magician
Aleph Wallet is a multipurpose wallet that will allow you to perform plenty of Stage, Parlor and Close-Up audience tested miracles.
You will have an arsenal just in your rear trouser pocket

Aleph Wallet is more that a wallet:
Magnetic Add a Number Wallet Always ready "Card in Wallet" (in spectator's pocket). Switch Wallet Index Wallet for billets Secret Writing Wallet Peek Wallet (two peeks internal and external) ... and much more
Comes with a DVD (approx. 2 hours), with performances, full descriptions and more than 15 gimmicks and accessories. You'll learn 14 professional routines and many ideas and all the tiny details about the wallet.

Some routines explained step by step in the DVD

Money in your pocket (Marc Paul)

A great routine to perform at any venue. The magician can accurately guess, via "body language", in which pocket has the different bills he has secretly hidden. That's not all, as a great punch climax you show a prediction that was all time in full view.

Smart Room Service
Ultra practical and updated version of the classic "Room Service", useful in Close-Up, Parlor or Stage.

Psychic Birthday
You'll get into the mind of a spectator and reveal no only the month but also the exact day and the weather of a birthday he has in mind.

"Hands Off" Dictionary Test
A true "hand off" book test. The magician never touches the regular huge dictionary; he never asks the number of the freely chosen page but he can accurately read the word the spectator has in mind.

Sweet Ring Michel reveals for the first time this closely guarded routine from his professional repertoire. This is a devastating routine: a spectator's finger ring magically travels to a selected and sealed sugar bag.
Date Added: Jun 17th, 2011
MLA SKU: IRyLAlfGVwyxbtc


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May 31st, 2012 9:17am
Reviewed by Rob Speer
IMHOM this is NOT a "wallet" and it is NOT worth $160.00.

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