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Cut The Strings

by Krause, Timon

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Categories: Mentalism, Hypnotism
Media Type: Book
Publication Summary: 2011, 164 pages
Format: Paperback

Product Description

The effects and experiments from ‘Cut the Strings’ are centred around the use of psychology and hypnosis. None of them require gimmicks and most are completely impromptu. A lot of the effects in this book are designed to entertain and help people at the same time “ you can be sure that your spectators will take something away from your show!

These ideas have been proven to work in every setting and Timon has received great feedback from his clients when he combined entertainment and personality work in his routines.

Contents of the book are:

The Lie Game: Timon’s version of the famous Lie Game with a full routine and a great climax.

Card Amnesia: A very detailed instruction on how to create amnesia for entertainment purposes.

Lucky Charms: Routines dealing with lucky charms and Timon’s thoughts on lucky charms from a psychological point of view.

Readings: Learn how to enhance your readings as well as several original ways to perform readings. Timon learned from one of the best readers worldwide!

The Angel System: The perfect example of combining therapy with mentalism “ this is something your clients won’t ever forget. Also included are two small extra chapters featuring Timon’s versions of two well known routines.

Who is Timon Krause?

Timon Krause is a young mentalist from the Netherlands and Germany. Despite his young age he has a deep understanding of hypnosis and suggestion work. In this book he explains to you some of his most powerful tools which he used for thousands of spectators at a time.

“Cut the Strings” will teach you how to empower your audiences while entertaining them. This young great thinker invites you to follow him into his mind and to discover mentalism from another angle. Pre-Knowledge in the field of hypnosis, mentalism or suggestion work is helpful but not necessarily needed as Timon provides you with detailed scripts and explanations of every step.

Welcome to “Cut the Strings”. Enjoy.

Foreword by Richard Webster.

Here are some quotes Timon received from other performers who read and reviewed his book:

“I need his ingenious brain!” - Kevin Schaller, Magician and Inventor.

“Being myself a lover psychological - hypnotic work, I must tell you that Timon’s work on ‘ Cut the Strings’ goes beyond remarkable!” “ Nefesch, Mentalist and Inventor.

“Timon is a great new force in mentalism. This book is full of great ideas and effect that are usable in the real world. A superb debut!” - Freddie Valentine, Bizarrist and Author.

“Timon scares me. How good can a 16 year old be? How good is he gonna be in 10 years from now? If I know one true Hypnosis Prodigy “ it’s him. Of the few people that I ask for feedback because I really respect their opinion and deep knowledge of Mentalism, Hypnosis and Performance per sé “ Timon at his young age again and again impresses me the most.

In Hypnosis and Mentalism “ Timon’s a natural. He just gets this stuff. If you’re looking for a book on mental magic don’t buy this book. If you’re looking for real Mentalism and are serious about using your mind while doing so ... enjoy.

Had I not witnessed the entire process of writing “Cut the Strings” I would have sworn it must be ghost written by someone a lot older. You might think so yourself. It’s just that good. But it’s written by a 16 year old “ who’s probably just from another gene pool.” “ Alexander Hartmann, Mentalist and Coach.
Date Added: Jun 16th, 2011


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