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Zig Zag Illusion Plans

by Osborne, Paul

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Paul Osborne

Product Description

One of the most popular plans for builders and collectors. You know the effect, she shoes in the cabinet, two solid metal blades are inserted and her middle section is slid over on a small tray. Her face, hands and foot are real and still in full view all the time. Our version is improved to the extent that you can break this illusion down and carry it in the back seat of your car. These plans are very detailed with two giant pages of scaled drawings and full building instructions. The all important paint job is also included for you to duplicate. We even show you in detail the sliding center section. You can perform this on in the worst possible situations, and fully surrounded, even close up! Two pages plus instructions.

Paul Osborne illusion plans are conceived with the builder,collector and performer in mind. We outline the working, construction and performing of each illusion. All plans are drawn on 15" x 20" paper using US Standard measurements, easily converted to metric measurements using a metric conversion chart. These are real prints and, because they are drawn to scale, any measurement can be verified with an architect's scale.

We feel that our plans look equally at home on your workshop bench or your magic library.
Date Added: Jun 9th, 2011
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