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Minimax (Gimmick and DVD)

by Edo

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(Based on 2 reviews)
Categories: Close Up, Mentalism
Media Types: DVD, Utility Props
Publisher: - Stefan Schroetter

Product Description

MINIMAX is the smallest and most sensitive electronic magnetic detector available today. It is so small that you can hide it in a Thumb Tip, below your watch, in your mouth, under your sleeve or you can simply finger palm it. The options are endless! This AMAZING device allows you to perform magic effects that have NEVER been possible before. You can show your hands totally empty before during and after you performance!
  • MINIMAX is the most sensitive magnetic detector available.
  • MINIMAX has a very quiet BUILT IN vibrator that delivers the information that you need.
  • MINIMAX has a length of about 1 inch (3.2 cm) is 0.2 inch (6 mm) thick and 0.4 inch (1 cm) wide .
  • MINIMAX it is extremely easy to conceal.
  • MINIMAX is powerful.
Here a few of the many possibilities with Minimax...

Perform the classic 'Smash and Stab / Spike' routine without any finger ring or sharpie! Simply use Minimax and still get the information at a distance of 10 cm (about 3 inches) from the Spike!

Coin in hand
You can tell which hand a spectator is holding a coin in. This can be repeated and performed with other small objects.

Show the spectators 5 coins and mark one of them with an "X". Now let someone blindfold you and mix the coins. You will immediately know which coin is the marked coin.

Smell it
Give your spectator your finger ring to hold in one of his hands. You will know in which hand he holds the finger ring just by smelling their hand.

Detect objects
Detect objects like magnetic coins, magnetic finger rings, Spike or any product you can place a magnet in. Just think of the possibilities... Minimax offers a wealth of possibilities to close up magic performers. This utility device will work with many objects, leaving you to concentrate on your performance. Detect objects like magnetic coins, magnetic finger rings, Spike or just about any product you can place a magnet in.
Just think of the possibilities...

MINIMAX comes with the minimax unit, reserve battery, a little pouch and an instructional DVD.

Running Time Approximately: 20min
Date Added: Apr 7th, 2011


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Official Review

October 24th, 2013 6:12pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
If you read the ad copy and watch the trailer, you are told that you are buying a small item that can detect magnets basically. The device is about half the size of a Sharpie Lid. It's a vibrator that is battery operated and vibrates when a magnet is nearby . . . and I do mean nearby. I've tested this thing dozens of times, and I'd say 90% of the time, I felt nothing when the device was near the magnetic object (coin, PK Ring, whatever). I had do try again, "Once More" to get any "Feeling." And even then, I often did not feel it.

When I tested having a spectator hold the object in his hand, I had to get so close to his hand that I had to touch his hands before the device started to vibrate. That's not so bad until you realize that the spectator can feel the vibration . . . kind of a dead give away.

Another issue with this device . . . it's black with a bright red tip. You're supposed to finger clip it. There are so many problems with this. First, in order to clip it so that it's... [Read More]

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Official Review

January 2nd, 2013 6:38am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Edo's MINIMAX gimmick is a small vibrating sensor that allows you to pick up a signal if you're close to a magnetic item, such as a coin or card. I found the advertising to be partially wrong. It is not very powerful. The object you're trying to detect must be very close (within an inch or two) and using a thumb tip takes the power level down even more.

The other big drawback is battery life. It just doesn't last very long. Thankfully, the replacement batteries for it are only a few dollars. You'll want to have a handful of these at hand if you plan to use it in a walkaround setting.

I could not find a way to make a "spike roulette" type of effect successful. The ad indicates you can be up to three inches away and detect the object but I could not make this work at all.

I think MINIMAX can work most successfully if one has it sewn into their sleeve. Using a thumbtip, watch or ring just puts a barrier there that saps a lot of power. It is incredibly small and that's the best... [Read More]

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