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Moneypulation Vol. 1

by Godon, Lawrens

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Visual Coin Techniques for the Advanced Magician

14 no-gaff, stand-up routines and techniques!

In this volume Lawrens Godon reveals a revolutionary system of coin manipulation based on a single sleight, often neglected and rarely used.With this knowledge at hand you will have a whole set of INCREDIBLY visual utility sleights and ideas at your disposal.

No-talk teaching and slow-motion sequences make everything easy to learn.

Original, deceptive and elegant, designed to be performed for larger groups as well as under most close-up situations, these coin effects are right up the alley of those who enjoy working at chest level.

Moneypulation is not a DVD for beginners, but any magicians familiar with intermediate level coin techniques will be able to learn the material taught.

Content :

The Dynamic Back Thumb Palm
The Trapdoor
A V A (Appear-Vanish-Appear)
Three Fly
Silk Contact
Fly Again (performance only)

Bonus :

Fake Drop
Continuous Production
Crystal (glass ball routine)

"The Coin Magic of Lawrens Godon is incredible! I was completely fooled. I had long awaited the release of his DVD on the Dynamic Back Thumb Palm..."
- Ponta The Smith

"I spent some time with Lawrens during the European Coinmagic Symposium in Milano and had an opportunity to see some of the most difficult coin magic look absolutely effortless. Anyone who can muscle pass a coin directly into Harada Hold EVERYTIME is someone I need to watch...closely. I recommend Lawrens Godon's work to anyone."
- Eric Jones

Running Time Approximately: 49min
Date Added: Feb 19th, 2011


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Official Review

October 23rd, 2019 8:11am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Moneypulation Vol. 1 is a beautifully made video coming to us from French magician Lawrens Godon. Lawrens is a well-rounded magician (as evidenced by his YouTube videos) and he is a wonderful contact juggler as well. I have had this DVD for a while and have been using the material for about as long (since it came out in 2010). This video contains 14 non-gaffed coin effects and routines centered around one common sleight, what Lawrens calls The Dynamic Back Thumb Palm (DBTP). The DBTP is based on the Back Thumb Palm, a very old sleight that has been explored by many magicians, but to my knowledge, none of them to the extent seen here from M. Godon. It is his unique use and application of the original sleight that makes it dynamic.

The first thing you notice when you start watching is the ease of menu navigation. It allows you to view the trailer, watch the full DVD at once, and also allows for you to select specific chapters. Under the 'Chapters' tab, it is broken down even further.... [Read More]

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Official Review

September 20th, 2012 5:15am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Moneypulation” by Lawrens Godon is a DVD on sophisticated, challenging sleight of hand coin magic, focusing significantly on the dynamic back thumb palm. There are 10 effects taught, including a section explaining the thumb palm, as well as how to retrieve the coin from the thumb palm both secretly and as a production. (All of this, by the way, is printed on the DVD case.) Along the way additional sleights are covered briefly, including the Harada Hold and the muscle pass. Instruction is by demonstration only with no verbal explanation, though there are moments when onscreen text clarifies a part of the routine.

The magic taught on “Moneypulation” is extremely idiosyncratic. While some of the effects look quite natural, the majority of them require body language and movements that are somewhat suspicious. The performer’s hands are at times stiff, awkward and unnatural. The movements required can seem contrived and feel more like a demonstration of juggling rather... [Read More]

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