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Spectral Chill/Tarot Below Zero

by Jeff Stone

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Categories: Bizarre, Close Up, Mentalism
Media Type: eBook
Publisher: Stone Cold Magic

Product Description


Tarot cards are old, but that doesn't mean they're boring! Tarot cards add an air of mystery and emotion to any performer's arsenal.

This e-Book will show you a whole new frontier of possibilities with these arcane works of art. Spectral Chill is as much a concept as it is a trick. And the bonus trick, Tarot Below Zero is just one possibility to be found at the tip-of-the-sword in this re-conceived paradigm.

Tarot is all about creating links in the mind of the spectator and Spectral Chill is a system to help do exactly that.
Date Added: Feb 17th, 2011
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Official Review

September 1st, 2018 8:33pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Spectral Chill by Jeff Stone is an unbelievable mathematical trick that does not feel like one. I hate it when magician's say that you will fool yourself. I never believe it. This is the one instance in which it applies.

You are able to take a shuffled borrowed deck and have the spectator deal cards down to a prediction or have the cards "speak" to you to determine where a particular card is in the deck.

I really have a hard time understanding how this works and it always does. I have spent hours performing this trick to myself and literally being amazed every time it works.

Stone took this concept and published a well written 40 page e-book that clearly and succinctly teaches how to perform Spectral Chill. Stone consulted with his buddies Brad Gordon, Diamond Jim Davis and Jay Sankey in this project.

The process and method are simple and easy to learn, although it could be a bit confusing. Stone takes away all the confusion with clear pictures and graphics so you... [Read More]
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